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Multiple personality disorder and homeopathy

    Multiple personality disorder It is mental health disorder. Patients with this disorder have more separate personalities. These different personalities control patient’s behavior at different times. It is also called as dissociative identity disorder or split personality disorder. This type of disorder affects person’s ability to remain aligned and connected with the reality. Homeopathic […]
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Oppositional defiant disorder and homeopathy

  Oppositional defiant disorder is greatly dealt with homeopathic medicines. These medicines bring sustainable solutions and cause no side effects. Medicines are administered only after a complete case taking and case understanding. Let’s talk about it and understand it deeply. Oppositional defiant disorder When a child act persistently in such a way that it causes […]
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Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and homeopathy

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and homeopathy Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are conventional approaches for the cancer treatment. They limit and destroy the tumors, preventing the spread/ progression of the cancer. Sometimes it is also used as conjunctive treatment with surgical procedures. But, it turns out to be lengthy and difficult. Moreover it tends to cause so many side […]
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Food allergy and homeopathy

          Food allergy and homeopathy Food allergy means “An unpleasant immune reaction after certain food is consumed” We often provide consultation to the patients who are struggling with the food allergy. And we have noticed that there can be a significant and remarkable change in the same after initiation of homeopathic […]
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MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM Introduction It is a skin infection which caused by molluscum contagiosum. Which produces raised bumps (benign in nature) over the outer layers of skin. Homeopathic medicines can play an efficient and potential role in treating the case of molluscum contagiosum without causing any sort of side effects. Cause These small bumps are usually […]
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મેમ..આ તો જાદુ થઇ ગયો. સફેદ પાણી પણ બંધ ને કબજિયાત પણ ગયું..

મેડમ, મે આઈ કમ ઇન? મારું નામ કૃતિકા…મેડમ, મેં તમને ટીવી પર જોયા’તા અને તમારી યુટ્યુબ ચેનલ પર આવતા બધા વિડીયો હું જોતી હોઉં છું એમાં તમારો લ્યુંકોરિયા પર નો વિડીઓ જોયો અને મારું સફેદ પાણી જે મને ખુબ પરેશાન કરી રહ્યું છે એ ધ્યાનમાં આવ્યું અને મેં કશ્યપ ને કીધું કે આજે  જ મેડમ […]
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Separation anxiety disorder and homeopathy

    Separation anxiety disorder  Separation anxiety disorder is a mental health problem. A child with this disorder may have troubles about being away from family members or other close person. Homeopathy is considered to be the most harmless and safest healing method of medicine in treating the pediatric health issues. Causes There are biological […]
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