Homeopathy for dental health issues



Many a times it may happen that we generally think of a dentist while we come across any dental health related issues. But do you know that homeopathy can be your helping hand and serve as a great rescue operation in dealing with such dental health conditions.
You don’t need those heavy painkillers for the pain management. Homeopathic medicines will keep you at bay from getting affected by the side effects of conventional medicines. Homeopathy as a part of holistic dentistry is said to provide effective treatment to the patients.
This is about understanding the possible and potential role of homeopathic medicines in the management of various orofacial disorders. Even nowadays a few of dentists have started prescribing homeopathic medicines in their clinical practice to keep their patients away from acquiring any sort of side effects of conventional drugs. Inclusion of homeopathic medicines in a dentist’s therapeutic armory is particularly beneficial in treating wide range of conditions from relatively mild to chronic pathological conditions.
Why homeopathy?
1. It prevents and inhibits the development of disease process happening in the oral cavity
2. It provides treatment to work alongside the ongoing treatment
3. It prevents and limits the complications and other post- surgical issues.
4. It facilitates recovery from dental trauma, anesthetic agents
5. Manages the dental conditions with a holistic approach
Know various homeopathic medicines for the management of various dental health issues
1. For dental abscess
– Belladonna, silicea, hepar sulph
2. bleeding
– Arnica, ferrum phos, phosphorus

3. Toothache
– Antim crud, belladonna, calc carb, chamomilla

4. Halitosis
– Carbo veg, calendula mother tincture

5. Bruxism
– Podophyllum, belladonna

6. Delayed tooth eruption
– Chamomilla, calc phos

7. Post operative complications
– Staphysagria, arnica, calendula

8. Oral herpes lesions
– Graphites, rhus tox, ars alb

9. Ulcerations
– Natrum mur, acid nitric
But, only an appropriate homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient after a complete case taking, case analysis and evaluation which is skillfully done by an expert homeopathic physician who with his knowledge and years of experience prescribes a great medicine embodying effective healing potential.
Let your teeth shine that bright
Let your lovely smile be that wide
And yes with homeopathy…

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