Oppositional defiant disorder and homeopathy


Oppositional defiant disorder is greatly dealt with homeopathic medicines. These medicines bring sustainable solutions and cause no side effects.
Medicines are administered only after a complete case taking and case understanding.
Let’s talk about it and understand it deeply.

Oppositional defiant disorder
When a child act persistently in such a way that it causes serious problems at living space/home, institute where he/she is studying or with peers, they may be diagnosed as oppositional defiant disorder.
It usually begins before 8 years of age, but no later than by about 12 years of age.
Those ones diagnosed with this are more likely to act oppositional or defiant to those with whom they’re familiar enough.

– Genetic predisposition
– Environmental factors
– Parenting issues
– Familial issues

Features of the case of ODD include
– Often getting angry
– Often showing arguments
– Often refusing to comply with the rules and requests
– Deliberately annoying others
– Often blaming other people for his own mistakes
– Is often spiteful
It can be further classified into 3 categories. Mild, moderate and severe.

– Poor performance at school
– Antisocial behavior
– Suicidal tendency
– Impulse control issue
– Learning and communication disorders
– Conduct disorder
– Anxiety and depression

Homoeopathic treatment
Homeopathic approach of perceiving the case Is very different and it is practiced on the ground of characteristic individuality and constitution.
There are various medicines such as sepia, belladonna, anacardium, stramonium, baryta carb, calc carb, silicea, etc. available in this system of medicine. But, only an apt medicine is administered to the patient after cohesively imbibing the case from broader and deeper perspectives. Which is skillfully done by an expert homeopathic physician. Who knows what is to be cured and how the case needs to be resolved on the basis of holistic approach.
Along with this, what makes the process complete is the counseling of child and parents. Which plays an integral role in paving the way of healing.

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