Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and homeopathy

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and homeopathy

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are conventional approaches for the cancer treatment. They limit and destroy the tumors, preventing the spread/ progression of the cancer. Sometimes it is also used as conjunctive treatment with surgical procedures. But, it turns out to be lengthy and difficult. Moreover it tends to cause so many side effects which eventually puts the patient in a difficult state.

The most Common effects include nausea and vomiting, fatigue, changes in the appetite, pigmentation. While other effects include Fibrosis- stiffening of exposed tissues, scarring of exposed part, dryness of mucous membranes, cognitive health issue if brain involved, cardiac health issue if heart involved, gastro intestinal health disorders, hair loss.

Homeopathic medicines can brilliantly work in managing the side effects that have occurred as a result of chemotherapy. And it is therefore frequently considered to be the most effective alternative therapy.

Tautopathic approach: Here, Patient’s symptoms are treated with the potentised dose of specific chemical/drug/substance which has shown certain side effects/or produced certain symptoms. Ex. X- ray, a medicine in homeopathy is used to relieve radio-dermatitis in those who have received radiations for their cancer treatment.

Therapeutic approach: For treating nausea and vomiting, or other such symptoms affecting one particular system of the body, specific medicine that holds great command in relieving that particular condition can be prescribed instead of giving the conventional medicine which just helps in acquiring relief for time being and furthermore invites other unnecessary set of symptoms.

Constitutional approach: Which throws light over choosing an apt medicine which beautifully covers all mental, physical, emotional dimensions of a patient who has undergone radiation therapy.  This concept has never lost its charm and the results are dramatically good. And homeopathic medicines have profoundly provided an important base in the medical treatment.

In homeopathy, we’ve got a range of homeopathic medicines which can greatly manage the concerned case. Such as cadmium met, calendula, causticum, fluoric acid, irid.met, kali phos, phos, radium brom, uranium nit, x ray. But, only an apt homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient after a detailed case study followed by systematic case analysis and evaluation. Which is skillfully done by an expert homeopathic physician.






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