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Dandruff and homeopathy

  “Homoeopathy can greatly deal with the cases of dandruff and in today’s era, every patient wants to get rid of the much disturbing dandruff. And homeopathic medicines have great efficacy in treating the cases of dandruff.” (Dandruff is quite unpleasant to us when we find the white flakes on the collar of our shirt […]
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worms and homeopathy

Worms and homoeopathy Let’s know and understand deeply how homoeopathic medicines can be so effective and tremendous in treating the cases of worms in children. We at Dr Mankad’s clinic aim to deliver the excellent and efficacious treatment for the children suffering from worms. As homoeopathic treatment is considered to be the most harmless and […]
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Tennis elbow|homeopathy|medicines|solutions

  Introduction:                                                                                               Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is the musculoskeletal condition causing pain around the outer part of an elbow. It causes inflammation of the tendons which join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow. Let’s know about role of homoeopathic medicines in tennis elbow and let’s understand what Doctors at DR MANKAD’S […]
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frozen shoulder is a pain and stiffness over the shoulder joint

Frozen shoulder|homeopathy|treatment|medicines

Introduction: Frozen shoulder is known as adhesive capsulitis. This condition is characterized by pain and stiffness in shoulder joint, restricting the . Signs and symptoms typically start appearing gradually, worsen over time, and then resolve usually within one to three years. But, homeopathy can provide excellent treatment in case of frozen shoulder. We at DR […]
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erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction| Homeopathy | Treatment | Solutions

Erectile dysfunction Introduction: It is also known as impotence which is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or retain the firm, erectile position of the penis during sexual activity. Men always suffer mentally and emotionally because of this distressing problem. But, homeopathic medicines play a significant and great role in […]
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