Urethral stricture treatment with homeopathy

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‘Homeopathy has proven itself as an effective solution for urethral stricture. In fact, we have seen in our clinics that patients doesn’t need dilatation just after just 10 – 15 days of initial treatment. Later patients are getting better with increase of urine flow and non recurrence of urinary tract infections. ‘

– Dr. Parth Mankad MD (HOM)



Brief Understanding : 

Urethra the tube that carries the urine from urinary bladder to out side the body. Urethral stricture is the narrowing of urethra due to scarring.


Urethral stricture can be because of multiple causes but the common most cause is recurrent or chronic inflammation. The other common cause is injury to penis or scrotum . Many times long term use of any medical device such as catheter or procedures for stone removal can also cause stricture.


    • Weak flow of urine or decreased urine stream.
    • Incomplete bladder emptying or urging to urinate even after finishing urination
    • Spraying or split of the urine stream.
    • Difficulty, straining or pain when urinating.
    • Increased urge to urinate or more-frequent urination.
    • Recurrent urinary tract infection
    • Rarely blood in urine or blood in semen can also be seen

               Homeopathic approach/ treatment 

Homeopathic medicines corrects the pathophysiological roots of the disease condition. As a result it helps in treating the disease from its roots and also it helps significantly in improvement of the symptoms as well. The major targets we keep  when we are treating the case of urethral stricture are

a) Increasing urine flow b) stopping the recurrent UTI c) promoting the natural dilatation of scar tissue.

At Dr. Mankads homeopathic clinic, we have seen the marvellous improvement in the same. Just recently we have received a beautiful feedback written from a patient which can be seen on our review page at google :


google review stricture







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