It is a skin infection which caused by molluscum contagiosum. Which produces raised bumps (benign in nature) over the outer layers of skin.

Homeopathic medicines can play an efficient and potential role in treating the case of molluscum contagiosum without causing any sort of side effects.


These small bumps are usually painless. They may disappear on their own or may leave scars when left untreated.

It is spread by direct contact with someone who has acquired it by touching an object contaminated with this virus.

Such as

  • Touching a napkin, garments , personal belongings
  • Children can transmit the virus while playing games with other children.
  • Sharing same sport equipment
  • Adults are more likely to get affected through sexual contact.

Risk factors

  • Children between 1 to 10
  • People dwelling in tropical climates
  • People with weakened immunity
  • People with atopic dermatitis
  • People involved in sports activity
  • People living in closed proximity
  • Swimming

Clinical features

  • Small, shiny, smooth appearance
  • Pink, white, light red in color
  • Firm, convex, dome like shape
  • Filled with waxy material
  • Between 2 to 5 mm in diameter
  • Can be present anywhere except palm and sole

(Genitals, abdomen, face, arms)


  • Expression of cheesy material by pressure is characteristic


  • Try not to scratch
  • Avoid using used garments, sports material , equipment

Homeopathic Treatment

Bromium, merc sulph, natrum mur, sulphur, kali iod, calc ars, sepia, kali sulph, dulca and thuja are well indicated homeopathic medicines for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum.

But, only a well selected homeopathic medicine is considered further after the detailed and thorough case taking, case analysis and case evaluation, which is skillfully done by only an experienced homeopathic doctor.



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