Paranoid personality disorder and homeopathy


Paranoid personality disorder

  • It is personality disorder which involves odd and eccentric ways of thinking.
  • People diagnosed with this issue also suffer from paranoia, mistrust and suspicion of others, even there is no reason to be suspicious.
  • It is found that this disorder generally begins by early adulthood and more likely to be common in men than in women.

Homeopathic medicines have always worked efficiently and excellently in treating various psychiatric cases and homeopathic medicines can brilliantly deal with the case of paranoid personality disorder without causing any harm to the health of an individual.


  • The exact cause is not known. But it is likely to be involving a combination of biological and psychological factors.
  • People who has positive family history of schizophrenia may experience it. Early childhood experiences – (physical/mental/emotional trauma) may also play a role in developing it.

Clinical features

Patient may

  • doubt the commitment, loyalty, trust
  • have fear of being deceived
  • be reluctant to reveal personal information to others
  • be holding the grudges
  • Have recurrent suspicions, without reason
  • Be stubborn, hostile, and may argue a lot
  • Sound cold and distant in the relationship
  • React with anger
  • Find hidden meaning in the innocent remarks or casual looks of others
  • Feel that others are there to harm or demean him/her
  • Not be open to criticism and he may be extremely sensitive to what others think of him


Aconite, argentum nit, ars alb, calc carb, ignatia, gelsemium, kali ars, kali phos, lycopodium, stramonium are well indicated homeopathic medicines for the treatment of paranoid personality disorder.

But, only an appropriate homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient after a detailed and thorough case taking, case understanding, case analysis and evaluation. Which is skillfully done by an expert homeopathic doctor who with his experience and knowledge designs the plan of treatment.

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