It is a condition which causes inflammation of trapezius muscle. Which causes spasms and pain in neck and upper back.

Homeopathic medicines can excellently help out in providing effective treatment to an individual who is diagnosed with trapezitis.

These homeopathic medicines are completely natural and harmless in nature, and they don’t cause any side effects.


  • Carrying out any activity/task without moving the head or keeping the head bend for longer period of time
  • Breastfeeding a baby by bending the shoulder
  • Weak muscles of neck due to injury, fall, blow or any health condition
  • Carrying heavy weights consistently
  • Sports activity involving one sided movements

Risk factors:

  • Drivers who drive over long distances
  • Office workers who remain at desk for hours together
  • A past history of an injury/accident that affected the muscles of neck and back

Clinical features:

  • Restricted movements
  • Stiffness about neck
  • Episodic pain in neck and upper back at short intervals
  • Tingling, numbness, weakness in the arms, hands, fingers of affected side
  • Headaches mostly felt at temples/base of skull

Basic treatment approach:

  • Avoid using a heavy/ high pillows that may make you feel uncomfortable while lying down.

(Instead, use a kind of pillow that makes the body feel comfortable and keeps your spine aligned with the neck)

  • Applying warm oil with gentle pressure/massage can also help prevent muscle spasms.
  • Applying ice packs or hot water bag can also reduce swelling greatly.
  • Change the position at frequent intervals instead of remaining in one position for a long time.

Give some relaxation time to muscles.

  • Wearing cervical collar is also a good option.
  • Performing yoga or breathing exercises can also help to certain extent.

Homeopathic treatment approach

  • There are many effective homeopathic medicines for the treatment of trapezitis. E.g. Rhus tox, ruta, arnica, mag phos, belladonna etc. but only an appropriate homeopathic remedy is chosen after a detailed case taking and case analysis, considering the characteristic individuality, causative factors, modalities, duration, and constitution of an individual who is struggling with this condition.



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