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STREPTOCOCCAL THROAT It is a bacterial infection which causes inflammation and pain in the throat. It can affect children and person of any age group. Homeopathy treats the case of sore throat naturally and safely without causing any harm/side effects. Cause It is caused by a germ called group A streptococcus bacteria. Symptoms begin to […]
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Telogen effluvium and homeopathy

Telogen effluvium A reversible condition which cause the falling of hair after a stressful condition, shock, traumatic event. Which usually occurs on the top of the scalp.  Telogen efflufium is a form of hair loss characterized by thinning of hair or increase in the shedding of hair. Here, falling or shedding is from early entry […]
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Dengue fever and Homeopathy

DENGUE FEVER Introduction It is also known as break bone fever. It occurs when an Aedes mosquito carrying the virus bites a healthy person. This disease mainly takes place in tropical and subtropical regions. Causes Caused by DENV-1,2,3 & 4 Incubation period The period from the entry of virus through mosquito bite to the development […]
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Urine incontinence and homeopathy

    URINE INCONTINENCE The loss of bladder control is a common and embarrassing issue. Which is termed as urine incontinence. Homeopathy can greatly deal with the case of urine incontinence without causing any harm to the health of an individual who is struggling with this issue. Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and provide sustainable […]
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Hashimoto’s disease (underactive thyroid) and homeopathy

Hashimoto’s disease This condition is also known as hashimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, or autoimmune thyroiditis. Which is considered to be one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism. Homeopathic medicines work excellently in treating the cases of hashimoto’s disease without causing any harm/ side effects to the health on an individual who is diagnosed […]
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Photophobia and homeopathy

      PHOTOPHOBIA It is not the fear towards light. It is the sensitivity towards the light or inability to tolerate the light. Chronic cases can act as catalyst for vertigo, light headedness, and may lead to development of other symptoms which are usually associated with vestibular disorders. Photophobia is not an eye disease, […]
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Ranula and homeopathy

      Ranula Introduction They are clear or bluish cysts caused as a result of blocked salivary gland (SUBLINGUAL, SUBMANDIBULAR, PAROTID) in the mouth. Homoeopathic medicines embody a great healing potential in dealing with the case of ranula. With the well selected remedy comes the great results. Homeopathic medicines are completely devoid of side […]
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મોંમાં ચાંદી પડવી

              મોંમાં ચાંદી પડવી ઘણા દર્દીઓને મોંમાં ચાંદી પડવાની સમસ્યા હોય છે. જેને એપ્થસ સ્ટોમેટાઈટીસ, ઓરલ એપ્થે કે કેન્કર સોર્સ તરીકે ઓળખવામાં આવે છે. જે મોટા ભાગે ૭ થી ૧૦ દિવસ સુધી રહે છે. અમુક કિસ્સાઓમાં તે લાંબા સમય સુધી રહે છે. જેથી તેની સારવાર સમયસર કરાવી લેવી આવશ્યક […]
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Tension type headache (TTH) & homoeopathy

  Tension type headache Homeopathic medicines brilliantly deal with the case of tension type of headache as medicines are administered after a detailed case taking and case interpretation that involves the intensity, duration, associated symptoms, origin, cause, modalities and other important factors woven with the concerned case which help in treating the case from deeper […]
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