Tension type headache (TTH) & homoeopathy


Tension type headache

Homeopathic medicines brilliantly deal with the case of tension type of headache as medicines are administered after a detailed case taking and case interpretation that involves the intensity, duration, associated symptoms, origin, cause, modalities and other important factors woven with the concerned case which help in treating the case from deeper aspect.


Tension type of headache are the most common type of headache. These headaches often cause mild to moderate pain around the head, face or neck.

According to research studies, this headache is not considered to be dangerous.

This headache was earlier called by many terms such as psychogenic headache, stress headache, psychomyogenic headache, muscle contraction headache.

This term suggests that some kind of mental or muscular tension may play causative role.


Tension headache occurs when neck and scalp muscles undergo contractions. These contractions can be a response to anxiety, stress, depression or  head injury.

Activities causing head to be held in one position for a long time without moving can cause headache. i.e. computer work or any fine work.


  • Alcohol
  • Emotional or physical stress
  • Eye strain
  • Insomnia
  • Dental problems
  • Smoking

Types of tension type of headache

  • Infrequent episodic

One or fewer episodes per month

  • Frequent episodic

More than one, but fewer than 15 episodes per month for three to four months

  • Chronic tension

More than 15 episodes per month for three or more months.

Clinical features

  • Sensation of tight band around the head
  • Dull pain
  • Pain felt at both the sides of head
  • Pain radiates bilaterally from forehead to occiput
  • Pain can radiate to neck muscles which is described as tightness, pressure.

Preventive protocol

  • Maintain your sleep routine
  • Practice good posture while at work

Homeopathic treatment

Belladonna, bryonia, cimicifuga, gelsemium, kali phos, glonoine, ignatia are well indicated homeopathic medicines having capability to treat the case of TTH greatly. But, only an appropriately selected medicine is prescribed to the patient suffering from TTH, after a detailed case taking followed by case analysis and evaluation, on the basis of characteristic individuality. That is skillfully practiced by a consultant homeopath.

Integrated approach

Integrated approach involves the meditation, yoga, music therapy, lifestyle modification along with homeopathic medicines. This unique approach aids another remedial agent to the process of healing.


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