Ranula and homeopathy






They are clear or bluish cysts caused as a result of blocked salivary gland (SUBLINGUAL, SUBMANDIBULAR, PAROTID) in the mouth.

Homoeopathic medicines embody a great healing potential in dealing with the case of ranula. With the well selected remedy comes the great results. Homeopathic medicines are completely devoid of side effects and this is why they are considered to be the safest medicines.


If the ranula stays in the mouth below the tongue, it is called a simple ranula and if it grows into the neck under the mouth it is called as plunging ranula.


Salivary glands are small structures around the mouth that forms saliva. That should drain from these glands directly into the mouth. If in any case one of these glands gets damaged then the saliva may leak out into the tissues near the gland leading to the cyst formation. This cyst is called as ranula.

These slow growing benign growth are located on the floor of the mouth and it can vary in size.


  • Infection
  • Bursting and reformation
  • Dysphagia which may happen in case of large ranula

Clinical features

  • It doesn’t typically cause pain. So patient may not notice it until it increases in size.
  • In case of simple ranula, swelling is confined to the sublingual gland.
  • In case of plunging ranula, it may lead interfere with speech, chewing, swallowing and breathing as well. ( tracheal compression)



What Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic believe about the Role of Homoeopathic treatment

Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the base of totality of symptoms which includes physical, mental and emotional dimensions of an individual and following the characteristic individualistic symptoms and constitution, the apt medicine is prescribed for the purpose of harmless and sustainable solutions of the concerned problem, by a skilled homeopath who knows what is to be cured in disease.

We at Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic believe that a case like ranula needs to be understood from detailed and deeper perspectives so to deliver complete solutions to an individual’s diseased condition.

We’ve got many homeopathic medicines that work greatly in case of ranula. Such as thuja, merc sol, silicea, cal flour, syphillinum, ant tart , apis mel, ranunculus bul. But, only an appropriately selected homeopathic medicine is administered to the concerned case.


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