Pediculosis ( lice ) and homeopathy medicines




Pediculosis capitis

Homeopathic medicines potentially deal with the case of Pediculosis capitis.

Homeopathic medicines harmlessly dissolve the case and aid healing.


It is known as head lice. It is tiny insect that is found on the scalp.

These tiny insects are about the size of sesame seeds and live in human hair. Head lice are so hard to see because they are very small, avoid light and move in fast pace.

It is easier to see their eggs (called nits) resembling dandruff. They are attached to the base of the hair, close to the scalp.


It is easily caused by active infestation from another person with head lice.

Poor personal hygiene is considered to be responsible factor over here.

Mostly children are affected as they easily come in contact with one another during different activities at school. It can also be seen in group involved in sports activities/ camp.

It may be caused by indirect infestation through: hair accessories, pillows, hats/caps, combs, towels. Etc.

Clinical features

  • Continuous itching on scalp

Itching may occur at neck and ear too.

  • Presence of lice eggs on the shafts of hair
  • Presence of lice over the scalp
  • Tickling feeling on scalp as if something is moving
  • Irritability about scalp
  • Sores on head caused by scratching

Preventive protocol

aims at following points

  • Keep your scalp clean and neat (removing the nits from -head is essential)
  • Avoid sharing personal belongings
  • Wash the bedding, clothing in hot water
  • Avoid head to head contact with others


Sulphur, lycopodium, arsenic, psorinum, arnica, thuja, staphysagria, nux vom, etc are well indicated homeopathic remedies for the treatment for pediculosis.

But, only an apt homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient after a thorough examination, case taking, case interpretation followed by case analysis and case evaluation, which is skillfully done by a consultant homeopath.




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