Homeopathic Remedies for PCOS

Homeopathic Remedies for PCOS: A Holistic Approach with Yoga & Pranayama

Yoga Poses for Hormonal Imbalance/ PCOD/ Infertility

Dear Women,
Following 40 mins schedule will help for patients having PCOD or any other hormonal
This will especially help for:

    • Weight reduction
    • Belly fat reduction
    • Balancing hormones
    • Balancing Swadhishthan chakra activity


Spare your 40 mins to become healthy you……

A) Basic workout (time 10 mins)

1. Fold your legs one by one towards the abdomen by bending your knees (50 times
2. Move the left leg towards the front side of the body without bending the knee
(25 times each)
3. Move the left leg to the backside of the body without bending the knees,
Repeat the same with the right leg (25 times each)
4. Move the left leg twisted towards the right side upwardly by pressing the
abdomen, Repeat the same with the right leg (25 times each)


B) Yoga Poses (time 20 mins)

– Standing Mode :
1. Tadasana (followed by)
Bend forward down (with hands kept straight above head),
Fingers of the hands touching the earth just near your feet.


– Sitting Mode :
2. Malasan or garland pose


3. Badhha konasan


4. Chakkichalan asana or milling pose

5. Butterfly pose


6. Ustrasana or camel pose


– Sleeping Mode :
7. Matsyasan or fish pose


8. Child pose


9. Paschimotasan


10. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose (followed by)
Turn folded knees on the right side; face on the left side with hands on the
floor at shoulder level and repeat the same on the other side)

11. Savasana (followed by left hand on abdomen right above the head)



C) Pranayama (time 7 to 10 mins)

1. Kapalbhaati


2. Nadishodhan Pranayama

Then, sit quietly with eyes closed, hands on thighs; slow deep breaths and focus on
the abdomen;
Now, see and visualize the orange colour of 4 fingers below the navel


Make a Note

    • Make sure to move slowly from transferring to another pose
    • Relax for 10 seconds between each pose
    • Focus on the abdomen while doing yoga poses
    • Follow the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling correctly
    • Follow the complete schedule 5 times (200 mins) a week
    • This schedule cannot replace the need for medications for any hormonal imbalance
    • Refer images given below
    • Apart from the given schedule, one can also follow :

– Aerobics,
– Jogging,
– Swimming
– Soorya Namaskar or any other exercise module



Dr. Greeva Mankad
Hoping for the best health further(HomeoEclinic)





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