Cradle cap and homeopathy



Cradle cap and homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines can greatly help in clearing cradle cap issue without causing any harm/ side effects to the health of a child.

These medicines are very mild in nature.

They can be safely used for infants. They strengthen child’s own defense mechanism too.

And it is certainly important to use safe and natural medicines when it comes to treating infants.

Because use of harmful substances in conventional medicines can trigger many issues that might disturb the health of an innocent infant.

To choose homeopathy as the only and natural mode of treatment for your children can definitely be a smart decision.

That is the reason why many parents consider homeopathy as a blessing for their children.


It is one of the types of seborrheic dermatitis.

It means scaly or crusty patches which appear on the scalp of infants.

Mainly It is seen in a child of about two months and it generally gets cleared up within few months.

It is painless/ harmless condition, causing no itching.


  • It arises as a result of excessive secretion of oil/ sebum. ( oily substance that is produced by skin’s sebaceous glands)

Which causes formation of crusts on the scalp and it may spread beyond scalp in some cases.

  • Reaction to the fungus malassezia that grows on the skin.

Treatment :

  • Various great homeopathic remedies are used to treat cradle cap are thuja, nat mur, kali sulph, calc phos, calc carb, tuberculinum and etc.

But, only a one suitable medicine is administered after a detailed case study, case analysis and case evaluation, by a consultant homeopath.

  • Consistent homeopathic treatment can successfully treat the case and bring excellent result and aid healing.
  • A homeopath not only sees the condition concerned in the case, he/she considers every minute detail along with main issue so to design potent prescription that embodies sustainable healing properties and that too on the basis of holistic and individualistic approach.



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