Dandruff and homeopathy


dandruff and homeopathy

“Homoeopathy can greatly deal with the cases of dandruff and in today’s era, every patient wants to get rid of the much disturbing dandruff. And homeopathic medicines have great efficacy in treating the cases of dandruff.”

(Dandruff is quite unpleasant to us when we find the white flakes on the collar of our shirt or tees. As it is also related to one’s overall cosmetic appearance. Patients should never overlook the complaint and instead of short term solutions, they should consult the homoeopath for the right treatment and easy solutions.)

What Dr Mankad has to say to about dandruff and its treatment in homoeopathy:

Physician needs to treat the case of dandruff with painstaking accuracy in order to deliver a complete cure to the patient.

Homoeopath can tremendously treat the cases of dandruff, keeping the individualistic and characteristic symptoms, and constitution at the foremost base of prescription.

One can always expect to consult the homoeopath if he or she suffers from dandruff itself or dandruff associated with hair falling.


  1. “મને ટાયફોઈડ પછી ડેન્ડ્રફ ની સમસ્યા એટલી વધી ગયી હતી કે મારી સ્કૂલ ની ફ્રેન્ડસ પણ મને કેહવા લાગતી જયારે તે મારા ડેન્ડ્રફને મારી બુક્સ પર નોટીસ કરતી અને ત્યારે મને ખુબ શરમ આવતી અને મને લાગ્યું કે હવે મારે આનો સંપૂર્ણ ઈલાજ કરાવવો જ પડશે અને છેવટે હું ડોક્ટર માંકડને ત્યાં ડેન્ડ્રફ ની ટ્રીટમેન્ટ કરાવવા આવી અને ફક્ત ૩ મહિના માં જ મારી સમસ્યા નો ઉકેલ આવી ગયો અને આજે એ વાત ને ૨ વર્ષ થઇ ગયા છતાય ક્યારેય ફરી એ સમસ્યા પાછી ઉદભવી નથી અને હું ડોક્ટર નો હૃદયપૂર્વક આભાર વ્યક્ત કરું છુ જેમણે મારી ઈમોશનલ હેલ્થ ને પણ ધ્યાન માં લીધુ.”

Ms dholakiya

17 years, Rajkot

2. I work for social media advertising and marketing. I frequently visit so many places wherein I deal with so many entrepreneurs and when I noticed my dandruff, I got tensed about it and tried to find natural remedies which might bring solution of my problem. Nothing worked out and I couldn’t be able to focus much on my work.

I became extra conscious about it and this would make me feel bad when people around me would notice my dandruff on my blazer.

I finally consulted dr mankad who took the case thoroughly and to my surprise, my dandruff was on the verge to vanish after the continuous homoeopathic treatment of 1 month and 18 days. And within 3 months, my dandruff was no more.

I regained my confidence and I don’t know how to thank dr mankad for treating my case resplendently.

Ms Fernandez

33 years, vadodara


This is also referred as seborrhea.

Dandruff is a skin condition which mainly affects the scalp and this includes flaking and sometimes mild itching.

Homoeopathic medicines can wonderfully treat the case of dandruff. Medicines are administered to the patient after a complete and detailed case taking.


Actual cause is not clearly known.

But there are many genetic and environmental factors responsible for it.

A few of the scalp diseases also cause excessive dandruff. (E.g.  In seborrheic dermatitis, there are scaly patches, dandruff, and redness on the skin especially on the scalp)

Underlying mechanism involves the growth or exfoliation of the skin cells in excessive form.

Triggering factor:

  • Winter
  • Use of inappropriate hair/ cosmetic products
  • Inadequate scalp hygienic efforts
  • Fungal infections


Types of dandruff flakes:

  1. Dry skin related dandruff:

Here, dryness of skin stimulates the formation of dandruff. It is commonly seen in winter as the skin is short of moisture and dandruff often settles on scalp.


  1. Oil related dandruff:

Secretion of too much sebum in the scalp is the other commonest cause of the dandruff.

Irregular and frequent shampooing can worsen this kind of dandruff.

The dirt and oil accumulation in scalp can cause itchy dandruff on the scalp. This can also lead to hair-fall.


  1. Fungal dandruff:

A fungus called MALASSEZIA is naturally found in our skin and the scalp. It is maintained under certain limit normally. But, excessive oil and dirt can trigger their excessive growth that causes the release of oleic acid as a byproduct of the metabolic activity.

This acid formation leads to increase of white flakes in the scalp.


  1. Disease related dandruff:

Some skin diseases cause scaling of the skin of the scalp. E.g. psoriasis, eczema



  • Itching on scalp
  • Flaking of the skin of scalp
  • Greasy patches on scalp
  • Tingly feeling on the skin


There are multiple wonderful homoeopathic remedies that can excellently work upon treating the case of dandruff.

Kali sulph, sulphur, thuja, phosphorus, nat mur, dulcamara, mezereum, graphites and psorinum are well indicated homoeopathic remedies to treat the cases of dandruff.

But, only a well selected remedy is administered to the patient after a complete process of case taking by a consultant homoeopath.


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