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online homeopathy


Does this word sound a bit unfamiliar to you? Yes or no? Let’s know more about it and get your picture cleared.

Now you will be much more familiarized and acquainted with this term gradually.

With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand of online services from our patients, we at dr mankad’s homeopathic clinic have now thought to restart the online clinical services that principally emphasizes upon online case consultation through various digital mediums and nowadays this transition in clinical practice has become integral part of our clinic.

This transformation in health sector has played a vital role in taking health services to another level.

Convenience is not the only advantage we receive from this service, there are multiple things which make it a viable and much better option for health and medical consultations.

Aims and objectives of e clinical services:

  • To plan and schedule the case appointment of a patient in prior, at proper and convenient time just in order to make the clinical management smooth and rhythmic.
  • To provide excellent and qualitative consultation to the patient
  • To understand the case of a patient deeply and thoroughly by a complete interactive talk
  • To educate the patient about his/her disease, triggering factors, prognosis/ultimate outcome of the disease, modifying the factors related to lifestyle and diet.
  • To assure the patient about cure and healing with the appropriate homeopathic medicines.
  • To maintain the follow ups of patient on regular basis and to provide the medicines via courier/post services timely in order to preserve the consistency.
  • To provide healing and wellness related informative and beneficial guidelines to the patient through our blogs, articles, videos and various discussions centered upon certain diseases.
  • To maintain the privacy of a case of a patient, keeping the data confidential and safe.
  • To make the patients avoid the unnecessary use of allopathic medicines in case of acute conditions, during the ongoing course of homeopathic medicines.

Benefits of online consultation:

  • Competent consultation provided by an expert consultant certainly helps the patients in getting immediate and prompt medical attention and response.
  • Virtual consultation can effectively sans the travel expenses and saves the time significantly.
  • Major benefit of online consultation is that your case records are stored online for future reference.
  • Patients can ask for second case consultation too if he or she has missed any important points that carried a great value in context of the case.
  • Patients can have an easy access of sharing important medical documents. E.g. radiological reports (X-ray/MRI/CT/PET) lab investigation reports with consultant homeopath.














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