Doctor, is your clinic well sanitized and sterilized?









A middle aged woman with wrinkled face entered the clinic and decently knocked at the desk.

With her husky voice, she asked my assistant when she would get her turn to come in my practicing area. She was then asked to sit in waiting lounge for about 10 to 12 minutes until I would be done with my ongoing follow up.

Books on the center table were scattered on that day because many of the patients had read them and put it aside and you know sometimes many of our patients knowingly or unknowingly forget to keep the books in book racks placed right in the corner.

She told my assistant that she wished to arrange the books in designated place i.e. book rack. She again asked my assistant whether all the patients coming to our clinic sanitize their hands properly or not. She took the sanitizer from her elegant leather bag and applied it all over her hands. She then took a small facial wipe and cleaned her hands again. She walked towards the reception and asked for the key to rest room. She asked a couple of questions before she went to the rest room. All Questions were revolving around cleanliness and hygiene. After few minutes she proceeded for rest room and returned after sometime. As soon as she entered the clinic again, she took the bottle of sanitizer and applied it all over her arms, forearms and hands. She approached the reception to fill the bottle again right to the edge so that others could also sanitize generously.

No sooner did she get her turn, she entered my cabin and asked me where she could sit down. She asked me: doctor, is your clinic well sanitized and sterilized ? She took out a shining bottle of disinfectant and sprayed it over the sofa and she then sat down. She settled down gradually and case began……..

“Yes, Doctor… I have issue of with my sleep. No matter how hard I try for getting refreshing sleep, I am not able to have sound sleep. My mind doesn’t let me sleep and it continues producing new thoughts full of fear and insecurities.” I’ve been struggling with OCD for last 3 years. And my family members have drastically changed their behavior with me. After my husband’s death, I had to manage the finance and expenditure on my own. I was becoming very insecure and depressed and somehow I couldn’t look after my children.

And they took me in different way and this is how the bond between us got deteriorated and depleted. My emptiness was decaying me and I couldn’t find happiness thereafter.

Doctor. Will you make me understand what is happening with me??????????? Patient twisted her lips and started crying…I took the case and it almost took me pretty 1 and half hours to complete it and to completely interpret the background and themes of her case.

Many excellent medicines like thuja, arsenic alb, lac can, and carcinosin were covering the case. But, after a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of a case, carcinosin was the only one carrying more weightage and prominence. And patient was given a medicine “carcinosin 1m” on the basis of characteristic individuality. Along with it, we had advised her to download AWAKEN (A mobile application for meditation) and listen to the “letting go “track once or twice a day. Because music therapy would definitely work here.   She was advised to continue the medicine for 1 month and then to visit the clinic for the further follow up. Patient continued our treatment for about 4 months and in her 5th follow up, she came with a smile on her face and offered few chocolates to the patients sitting out there in waiting lounge and expressed her happiness by conveying few words about the change she has received in her status of health after she has begun taking treatment from us.

She knocked my door and asked me whether she could come in and offer to me a bouquet of chocolates. She smiled and said to me: Doctor, I now check my purse hardly 2 times before I Step out of my home. Which I was used to doing 8 to 10 times.

“Healing is not just about giving the medicines to the patient on the basis of his/her disease. “

“It is about how deeply the idea about healing the patient is perceived.”








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