Development of child and homeopathy

Developmental milestones

They are basically physical skills and behavioral pattern seen in infants and children as they grow and develop.
Child development refers to how he or she becomes able to do complex things as they grow and develop.

While development is different from growth.
Growth refers to change in height and weight, while development refers to skills (running, walking, drawing, eating, dressing, speaking, learning and understanding, interacting with others, responding to others)

“Homeopathic medicines can work effectively in treating the diseases affecting children which certainly includes developmental delay. The medicines administered in such cases are completely harmless and never cause any side effects.
Because the prescription is based on the constitution of an individual.
Delayed development at both mental and physical level is uniquely considered during the process the case witnessing followed by case analysis and case evaluation that beautifully leads to the formulation of potent prescription, having immense potential to treat the issue from its root level and that on the ground of holistic and characteristic individuality.”

There is a normal range in which a child must reach each milestone.
Below is the list of certain things which we may see in children at different stages.


(Birth to 1 year)
– Gets grip to hold tiny objects
– Able to drink something from vessel
– Able to sit properly without any support
– Rolls over by own
– Gets first tooth
– Displays happiness with smile
– Begins crawling and walking gradually


(1 to 3 years)
– Able to draw a line or doodle
– Able to walk in different styles
– Able to feed self with minimal spilling
– Learns to imitate speech of others
– Learns speaking new words and follows instruction/commands
– May use spoon or fork to hold certain food object



(3 to 6 years)
– Makes perfect shapes and writes certain things flawlessly
– Develops interest in getting engaged in various basic sport activities
– Cognitive learning at its peak
– Starts pre school
– Very careful about holding on to his or her own toys, stationaries, conscious while sharing her or his own objects with friends/ siblings
– Likes making friends

School age

(6 to 12 years)
– Visible/ noticeable change in height and body weight
– Conscious about recognition, appearance
– Want of appreciation, approval
– Reading and writing skills at their peak
– Grasps the things easily without much effort in studies in most of the cases
– Develops interest in getting engaged into sports activities requiring physical strength and stamina
– Conscious and sensitive about identity
– Reaction may be quick to any stimuli

Role of parenting:

• Always observe your kids and their activities, their behavior and try to understand their likes and dislikes.
Analyze their skills and get involved into their games and activities. As your presence will definitely constitute a significant change in their development.
(*If you find any change in the status of health, kindly consult your homeopath for sustainable, superb and smart solutions.
As some changes either at physical level or at mental level may lead to certain conditions which may require medical attention.)
• Withstand their area of interest and allow them to follow the chosen walks of life. As parenting plays a vital role in the overall development and growth of child.
• Be their friends instead of being parents to them.
• Respect their viewpoints.
Make them understand the things decently and politely.
While your inappropriate or aggressive behavior might not work.
Make them inculcate morals and virtues which impart a real essence to their quality of life.

Important role of HOMEOPATHY during childhood:

Pediatric age group seeks proper nutrition, parenting, attention and care.
This tender age group is very susceptible to the development of various diseased conditions. But, if rightly handled, we can definitely treat the cases with potential solutions without any harm to their health.
Many developmental defects are greatly corrected with the help of homeopathic medicines.
Which not only corrects and solves the issue, but also improves the immune system of child.

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