Case Studies

Case Article for Nikir Homeotimes

Homoeopathy is a science which is having a tremendous potential to heal or giving relief in the cases which are actually of a problem not only for the patients but even for the Modern medicine physicians. Disorders with behavior problems are also falling in the same range. We all can see the marvelous results of Homeopathy very clearly in our daily practices & I think we should keep talking about such wonders to the society & to the modern physicians with confidence & conviction in the effects produced by our medicines.

Case oF IBS + Depression + Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Complaints narrated: Irregular bowel habbits, Rush to the toilet as soon as eats something, Always having feeling of having flatualance in abdomen, Reduced appetite, Feels gloomey always, Having recurrent respiratory infections, Apathy in work & don’t want to do anything on his own, Feels always much exhausted & weak.