IBS + Depression + Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Case of Ibs + Depression + Recurrent Respiratory Infections
First consultation in august 2008

Complaints narrated:

  • Irregular bowel habbits
  • Rush to the toilet as soon as eats something
  • Always having feeling of having flatualance in abdomen Feels abdomen has bloated & never feels at ease after meals
  • Feels abdomen has bloated & never feels at ease after meals
  • Reduced appetite
  • Feels gloomey always
  • Having recurrent respiratory infections
  • Apathy in work & don’t want to do anything on his own
  • Feels always much exhausted & weak

Everything started after:

  • Death of grandfather
  • Death of cousin brother
  • Deceived by girl friend
    • Feels being neglected by friends
    • Feels being humiliated & insulted by friends
    • Feels that now will not have faith on anybody
    • Feels no one needs him & feels much lonely
  • Fear when far from home & alone
  • Fear when far from home & alone
  • Wants somebody’s support when ever he is doing anything
  • Inferiority complex – feels that my self is not capable to continue anything . Somebody has to support and encourage
  • Can not express the things what he wants always feels tormented by negativities
  • Dreams
    • Dead brother
  • Generals : perspiration – normal
    • Thirst – much of cold water
    • Desire: spicy food

Many other things were there but more or less this is it.


He feels himself alone, inferior & incapable .wants support, love, enouragement & company of the same person . But the person on whom he is so attched or relies used to leave him either through death or they deceite & humiliate him. Feels neglected by relations & yet wants the relations.

Reaction: indifferene & reserved

Rubrics selected:

  • Dreams – Death
  • Mind - Ailments From - Death Of Loved Ones -
  • Parents Or Friends; Of Mind - Ailments From - Love; Disappointed
  • Mind - Ailments From - Rejected; From Being Mind - Ailments From - Rudeness Of Others
  • Mind - Company - Desire For - Alone Agg.; When Mind - Company - Aversion To - Desire For Solitude
  • Confidence - Want Of Self-Confidence
  • Delusions - Insulted, He Is Mind - Delusions - Neglected - He Or She Is Neglected
  • Mind - Despair - Future, About
  • Mind - Grief - Deception, From Mind - Grief - Silent - Love; From Disappointed
  • Mind - Will - Loss Of Will Power
Remedy GIVEN


Followup after 6 months :

  • No problem with bowel habbits
  • No urti in last 3 months
  • Feels quite positive towards life
  • Feeling of capability has sarted developing

Follow up after 1 year :

  • Begin his own firm
  • No physical problems
  • Started to take an intrest in proposal of marragies again
  • Gave another 3 reference s (LOLS…)

Follow up just before 1 month

“ give me medicine for 3 months as i am getting married with a girl next month & you plase be present in the reception because if i have not found you ( here i conveyd this you to homeopathy) i might have lost all hope in my life & might have missed the track of life. ”

Things to teach from the case:

  • Importance of listeing the complete case & the problem in detail
  • Importance of ellobarating the whole complaint rather than jumpng to the prescription from first few symptoms
  • Importance of mental state 7 ability of homeopathy to produce change
  • Importance of subconscious areas
  • Borader understanding of remedy nat. Mur


I will preapre the ppts. Accrodingly & can also demonstrtate audio clip as you will pass this case.

Importance of holism, individualization & unbaised observation are things i like t explaint the most in through the case so the lecture will convey the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. Parth.