Reiki Introdution

REIKI is a Japanese term comprising of two syllables.
‘REI’ means = Universal Energy ‘KI’ means= Force of activation of The Universal Energy.
So, REIKI is Universal Life Force, present in all living beings from Plants to Human beings.

Reiki is a form of energy medicine which refers to the hands-on healing technique rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th century. Dr Usui choose the word reiki to describe Universal Life force energy which calms the mind and raise a person’s life force. Basically REIKI is taken into our body through various means. It is present in the liquids we drink, food we eat and the air we breathe. Every moment our body is receiving energy from space, hence REIKI is something natural and nothing mysterious or magical. In our day to day life, we unconsciously transfer our own energy into other beings: humans, animals and plants etc. This exchange of energy from the highest to the lowest continues throughout our lives-from cradle to grave.

In actuality, Reiki is the fundamental nature of the universe, and the Usui method of natural healing is an easy way of giving back to yourself more of what you already fundamentally are.

In quantum physics as well as hermetic science, energy is recognized as fundamental law of existence. In truth there is no solid matter, thus the human body, its thoughts and its emotions are all composed of energy oscillating at different frequencies. The denser the vibration, the more apt we are to experience disease or discomfort. The freer the vibration, the greater the chance for natural health, abundance, beauty, peace, satisfaction and wellbeing.

Reiki flows in everything that is alive, including plants, animals and humans. It enters the body through our chakras, those invisible spinning wheels close to our body that receive Reiki from the environment and spread it through the body, especially where there is energy depletion. This life force or Reiki flows within our physical body through our nadis and meridians and around us as our energy field or aura. This life force helps our vital organs and cells to work effectively. When Reiki is low in our body, due to multiple reasons of mind & body, we feel weak and are likely to fall ill. During emotional turmoil, or when we are physically unwell, the chakras are unable to conduit energy. That is when Reiki healers can channel energy through their palms and transfer it to the patient. Reiki helps in curing various physical, emotional and psychological issues by calming the person and balancing energies.

A person who has been attuned to REIKI (Trained) passes on to others REIKI, by merely acting as a channel. In fact REIKI is not giving or transferring energy, its receiving energy.

REIKI is a holistic system of healing that works on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Etherical and Spiritual and brings into balance any abnormalities. It's putting everything back to Normal. Hence REIKI works for anyone, everyone and anything: Human beings, pets, plants etc.