Reiki Treatment

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Patient's Experience

Reiki helped me every time managing my spell of hypertensive headaches. Whenever I get some tension or stress out of some family problems I used to get hypertensive and my B.P shoot up around 160 /110 and used to get fainting spell along with headache. Every time Dr Greeva used to send me distance reiki session & I found relieved in my headache as well as in fainting. I just be able to calm down & concentrate upon my routine work after receiving reiki energy. I am thankful to reiki as my headaches & hypertension spells can settle down without any allopathic treatment

Mr P Yadav


I was having severe tooth pain while I was travelling somewhere. The pain was so intense that I could not find a single moment of relief. Everybody around me suggested to take painkiller medicine looking at my situation. But I called Dr Greeva for distance reiki and it was a wander for me. I was just amazed that my pain just subsided up to 80% within 20 minutes. Not only have that after 1 hour I was completely okay enjoying my tour. I would suggest reiki affects faster than any other aid in cases of pain of any kind.

Mr P Mankad


I was in depression and I was suffering from sleeplessness during that period. I could hardly sleep before 4 in the morning & that to unrefreshed sleep. So there were many problems followed. After starting Distance Reiki sessions from Dr. Greeva Mankad I could find considerable relief. Within 3 to 4 days my sleep improved & I could able to sleep on my regular time. After 2 weeks of reiki treatment not only my sleep improved completely but I started improving in my depression also without any anti-anxiety medication.

Mrs. S Thakkar


I was having severe depression after my miscarriage of born baby. I used to speak an absurd language and throw intense anger on every person. I started disrespecting my husband. My days & nights were in agony & pain. In spite of being a doctor I could not get settled down. I had to take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications of highest dosage. Then I started reiki treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad for 2 months. Now I am feeling much better mentally & emotionally. I am feeling more positive & refreshed. My anti-depressant medicines slowly tapered down & after 1.5 months of reiki treatment, it went to 1 dose once a week. Now I started focusing upon my like ambitions and I conceived my baby again. I am much thankful to reiki & Dr Greeva for my improvement.

Dr. Bhoot


Suddenly one fine day I was having episode of severe vertigo where in the whole bed was moving in circle. I was not able to control my movement and had a fear of falling from bed as I was moving speedily in a circle. This lasted for 2 hours. This was very first time happening with me. I called dr Greeva to pass on reiki. She gave me touch reiki for 20 minutes and I felt better around 80%. I felt relaxed and slept afterwards for whole night. After one day of this incidence I was 100% alright with all credit to reiki treatment given by Dr. Greeva Mankad.

Mr. J Thakkar


My father had hospitalized in i.c.c.u. for multiple systemic involvement after he suffered from stroke. When one fine day condition got worse and doctors have inserted all different tubes and so he was in panic and not slept for a night. He used to throw everything away and not getting under control by nursing staff. Due to that behavior all treatment interventions were interrupted. At that time we called Dr. Greeva Mankad for giving him distance reiki. After receiving photo of my father (of recent condition) she started giving reiki and with surprise of all of us my father slept within 20 mins. Doctors and nursing staff took a shy of relief and started all their interventions.

Mrs. S Shah