Reiki Learning

Dr. Greeva Mankad
as reiki consultant and master teacher.

Dr.Greeva Mankad a practicing homoeopath & a child health educator has completed her reiki level 1 in the year of 2001.


Level 2 in the year of 2004, she became reiki master in the year of 2014 and reiki master teacher in the year 2017.


She is MD in alternative medicines with Reiki being one of the subjects.

Having been practicing reiki since 2004 for the patients having different diseases she is having a wide range of experience.

Having been practicing reiki since 2004 for the patients having different diseases she is having a wide range of experience.

In the cases of sleeplessness, psychiatric problems, pain management, patients in ICCU, during life threatening acute conditions, panic disorders, pre – post operative care she has always remained by the side of the patients with her reiki healing energy & compassion.

Dr. Greeva takes reiki workshops for level 1 and level 2 in different areas of Ahmedabad.

Being a person from medical background her understanding of the diagnosis, prognosis & other medical knowledge adds an important aspect of scientific understanding of patient’s problem which helps a lot in giving a reiki healing.

Being homeopathic practitioner her art of understanding the psychological aspect of the patient makes her chakra imbalance diagnosis more accurate which also results in definite improvement in patients.

She also takes reiki workshops for level 1 and level 2 in different areas of Ahmedabad.
She shares her knowledge and experience of understanding body system and chakras to her participants with complete depth.
Use of Reiki

Reiki is all about getting in touch with the universal higher energy or natural forces & using it for alignment of our messed life. Use of Reiki for our health also opens our other blocking energies of life as well which in general restricts our life’s growth.

Reiki Learning

By learning reiki we can sure make our life more favorable for us & also for our near & dear ones. Dr. Greeva along with giving you an attenuation of reiki also helps in reducing/ healing your own blocks during her teaching sessions.

Reiki Workshop

This makes Dr.Greeva’s Reiki Workshop more unique, complete & Life changer. Dr.Greeva Mankad always feels grateful to almighty as being homeopath, reiki practitioner & a teacher she can become a medium for many in one’s journey of getting healthier & happier in life.

Patient's Experience

I learnt both reiki level 1 & 2 from Dr Greeva mam. It was overall a wonderful experience for me. I never knew the vast scopes of reiki before. I practise regularly as suggested and also started giving reiki to my neighbourhood also. My complaint of migraine which I used to suffer from pain atleast 4 times in month, but after completing self reiki sesions of 3 weeks it has also reduced upto 80%. The understanding about reiki given by Greeva mam was very convincing for me. She explained everything with great depth and energy. I had a wonderful experience while receiving attunements from her.

Mrs. X


My experience with reiki learning was absolutely speechless. I got so many positive energy wibes after practising self reiki daily. I can say reiki has become an integral part of my life. Especially teaching technique by Greeva mam was so fabulous in explaining everything about reiki. I am in touch with her and she is always there to guide me on my reiki path.

Mr. Y


I am greatly motivated by my reiki learnings with Dr Greeva. I do a regular self reiki and receiving great positivity. Especially my sleepless nights are vanished completely. I am very grateful about it.

Mr. Patel


I was very depressed earlier when I decided to learn reiki. There was a financial crisis in my family and it was the time I could not concentrate on my work. By nature I am short tempered person and I become angry upon little things too easily. After learning reiki from Dr Greeva mam my life changed completely. I hv also taken reiki level 2 from her. I hv completed 21 days daily self reiki practice and during that I found many changes happened in my mind and body both

Mr. Vaishya


I was very excited to learn reiki and just 3 months before I learnt it from Dr. Greeva Mankad. It was very promising experience for me.till I completed full body reiki treatment for 3 weeks, many problems of mine started resolving and so I am very happy.

Miss. Vora


I am a chronic sufferer of migraine. I intented to learn reiki for my family health also. Earlier my migraine attack spells used to last for 2 to 3 whole days. But after learning reiki from Greeva mam and with hermotivation practising reiki on daily basis, I am much relieved in my migraine. Now it last only for a half day with minimum intensity. I am also giving reiki to my children for thrir studies

Mrs. Joshi