Dr. Greeva Mankad

Dr. Greeva Mankad

Dr.Greeva Mankad is a consulting Homeopath at Dr. Mankads' Homeo clinic. Her expertise in understanding the child’s problem helps lot of children to be healthier. Greeva Mankad keeps working to create awareness regarding Health, Homeopathy & Hygiene amongst children & young Girls.

She is having a broad experience of different kind of diseases and especially she looks after Children & Gynecological cases.

Shares Valuable Experiences

Dr.Greeva writes articles and shares her cases & experiences about various female & children problems and homeopathy. She is always involved in promoting & teaching homoeopathy individually & also with Dr. Parth.

Homemade Nutrients and Remedies

She being a child health educator educates and guides many mommies of various playschools regarding hygiene manners, homemade nutrients and use of homemade remedies.

Immunity of children

She is associated to various Schools & Play Schools being a Guide in maintaining Immunity of children through various ways including Homeopathy.

Best for Treat Patients

Dr. Greeva always has the zeal & enthusiasm to do the best for treating patients of both homeopathy and reiki & so she is always deeply involved in the same. Her sincerity, commitment, dedication & truthfulness towards helping patient are incomparable.

Years of Experience & Expertize
Patients Successfully Treated
Cities Across World
Homeopathic Students Guided
'Dr.Greeva' is MD with reiki as one of the subjects. She also provides Reiki Healing in the needed cases on demand. She conducts reiki training seminars and teaches reiki level 1 and 2 to her students. She even guides regarding diet & nutrition.
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She keeps educating and guiding all about female health and motherhood needs in a blog named “દાદીમાંની પોટલી” & also in Matrubharati application under Hello Sakhiri. She writes for various online blogs regarding children health and homeopathy.

My irregular periods was because of PCOS. I struggled a lot with different medicines but nothing helped & my cycle was absolutely medicine dependent since last 6 years. I started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad at Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclnic . I really get rid of my irregularity just within 4 months of treatment. I also reduced my weight significantly within these months.

Mrs. Kulkarni


I started the treatment 5 months back at Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic ahmedabad for allergic eczema. I had it behind both my ears & feet. With the homeopathic medicines given by homeopath Dr. Parth Mankad,eczema started disappearing. Although I have stopped treatment since 6 months as I have no complaint, I will strongly recommend Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic for homeopathic treatment.

Mr. K. Ghehlani


We are receiving homeopathic treatment at Dr. Mankads' homeoclinic for any kind of complaints whether acute or chronic and we are getting excellent results in all our complaints.All our family members considering from new born to aged all are receiving homeopathic medicines from there .We are fully satisfied with the homeopathic treatment provided by Dr. Parth Mankad.

Mr. P.Agrawal & Family