Dr. Parth Mankad

Dr. Parth Mankad

Dr. Parth Mankad is a successful homoeopathic doctor, practicing classical homoeopathy with a unique blend of scientificity & an art to enter in patient’s core problem with the quest to treat the patient from the deepest.

He is having broad experience in treating different kind of diseases.

Sharp Observations

He perceives case with gentle inquiry, patience, persistence and sharp observations. He is an M.D. in homoeopathy and M.D in alternative medicines.

Knack of Understanding Diseases

He possesses a knack of understanding diseases in homeopathic light and has also worked a lot in the area of human psychology. He applies it all soundly in his practice.

Treating Serious Diseases

Dr. Parth Mankad with his experience & knowledge of Homeopathic medicines deals successfully in very critical illnesses like cancer, ITP, Rheumatoid arthritis, Myasthenia crisis, Myopathies, Liver Cirrhosis, Psychiatric emergencies and many more.

Compassionate Counselling

After understanding the patient’s problem in depth, along with prescribing the well-chosen homeopathic medicine, Dr.Mankad with compassion & empathy also guides the patients about the healthier perspectives of dealing with the problem. He also helps patient by giving some therapeutic music in certain cases.

Years of Experience & Expertize
Patients Successfully Treated
Cities Across World
Homeopathic Students Guided
Having Promising Results

Dr.Mankad being a Founder & Chief Consulting Homeopath Dr. Mankads' HOMEOCLINIC is seeing many cases of varied diseases & having promising results and furnishes great healing energy to his patients in order to get rid of their diseases completely. He also visits various clinics across Gujarat as a consulting Homeopath.

Sharing Role of Homeopathy

Dr.Parth writes columns regarding different diseases & role of Homeopathy in different leading daily Newspapers like દિવ્યભાસ્કર- a Life Line Supplement , ‘NavGujarat samay’ etc. He is being interviewed by various TV Channels as well for sharing his knowledge & experience being Homeopath. He also writes in one blog named “દાદીમાંની પોટલી”.

An Inspirational Teacher & Guide

Dr. Parth Mankad is teaching Homeopathic Materia Medica since last 10 years. He being reader & guide in post graduate department of Ahmedabad Homeopathic Medical College has guided many homeopathic students & inspired them for doing the successful homeopathic practice. He has always taught students from the case illustrations which ultimately helps them to become confident prescribers. He has also been a part of the homeopathic drug proving project & attached himself in few research projects.

Given Many Seminars

Dr.Parth is also working in the specialized area of performance anxieties, especially in cases of stage fear, examination phobia and fear of appearing in interviews. He has given many seminars in different schools, colleges and other organizations.

Gives Healing Music Therapy

Dr. Parth Mankad along with Dr Kedar Upadhyay and leading R.J Dhvanit run Euphonious healing music therapy clinic and research Centre which aims to explore and apply the healing potential of sound and music. Dr Parth is on board as a music therapist at sterling cancer hospital at Ahmedabad.

Training Center for Homeopathic Students
Dr.Mankad is also running a training center for Homeopathic students & Beginners ‘Dr. Mankads' Homeolearning’ He also has started e-lessions module on the WhatsApp web.
Dr.Parth‘s first book “સ્વાસ્થ્યનો મીઠો સ્વાદ- હોમીઓપથી” is written in attempt of creating awareness about homeopathy received an immense response from the readers.

My irregular periods was because of PCOS. I struggled a lot with different medicines but nothing helped & my cycle was absolutely medicine dependent since last 6 years. I started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad at Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclnic . I really get rid of my irregularity just within 4 months of treatment. I also reduced my weight significantly within these months.

Mrs. Kulkarni


I started the treatment 5 months back at Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic ahmedabad for allergic eczema. I had it behind both my ears & feet. With the homeopathic medicines given by homeopath Dr. Parth Mankad,eczema started disappearing. Although I have stopped treatment since 6 months as I have no complaint, I will strongly recommend Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic for homeopathic treatment.

Mr. K. Ghehlani


We are receiving homeopathic treatment at Dr. Mankads' homeoclinic for any kind of complaints whether acute or chronic and we are getting excellent results in all our complaints.All our family members considering from new born to aged all are receiving homeopathic medicines from there .We are fully satisfied with the homeopathic treatment provided by Dr. Parth Mankad.

Mr. P.Agrawal & Family