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Case of ADHD – Improved with Lac –Rhesus

Homoeopathy is a science which is having a tremendous potential to heal or giving relief in the cases which are actually of a problem not only for the patients but even for the Modern medicine physicians. Disorders with behavior problems are also falling in the same range. We all can see the marvelous results of Homeopathy very clearly in our daily practices & I think we should keep talking about such wonders to the society & to the modern physicians with confidence & conviction in the effects produced by our medicines.

There was a case which I remember from practice was of a kid who was diagnosed as ADHD & living life so “HAPPILY” that no body was happy around him , parents were came to see me as the school administration has told to send him to the school for special children.His age was around 6 years. The rest of the details are as follows.

Complaints mentioned by parents:

  • Having excessive restlessness & having no attention in any activities
  • There were lots of complaints regarding his behavior school as he was mischievous
  • In spite of repeated teachings from school teachers he can not write & read correctly
  • Quite hard to look after him & handle him because of his tendencies to run & jump from different places for the whole day
  • Many times beats the friends violently during daily play
  • Eats too much & sleeps very less

Case details further:

  • When entered in clinic, he was not even sitting for a while & not wanted to be in the consulting chamber. Parents were saying him to sit compulsory in the chamber but he just used to run towards the door to get out
  • While trying to hold him strongly, he was having the habit to beat/bite on the hand & than he used to rush to the door. When father closed the stopper above the door he just took one chair, Stood upon it & opened the door again. Finally he managed to get out from the clinic & for 5 minutes didn’t return. By that time I continued conversation with the parents. After a point when his parent was out to find him...He was sitting on the outer wall of the terrace of my clinic. Father told he always likes to climb at different places & you can never ever control him.
  • As the conversation with the child was even not possible, I continued to observe the child & even continued to talk with parents
  • They gave me the further information that
  • He loves to play only outdoor games. He keeps harassing every body if he is inside the home. He breaks different things, He shouts with lot of sounds always. Keeps singing the songs & keeps mimicking different actors in front of TV. He will even mimic your style when we will return at home
  • He is the boy who keeps teasing everybody by making different names. Even teases his teachers & so, everybody gets exhausted controlling him. Although he is so intelligent in his understandings , Immediately understands the newer technology like using I pods, Mobiles, Comp. etc. his education doesn’t shine, as he can not concentrate on any topic or can not sit still even for a while to listen
  • If any fight occurs during play, runs behind the person & beats him. Even you will beat him, he will beat you back always. If he can not beat, he will forget in few minutes & will continue with play
  • He always wants mother to be with him. If he is not getting controlled by any means they used to say, now if you do not remain quite, your mother is going to jump in a well and you will not be able to see her again. Listening to this he used to start crying & remains quite. There is a significant fear of separation from mother & also attachment to mother as well. At night he prefers to sleep by clinging his mother always. He is quite emotional if any thing happens to grandmother or mother
  • He likes to watch T.V. Lot & specially keeps watching different comedy movies. He enjoys it hilariously. He enjoys dance a lot & keeps jumping & dancing with music
  • He realtes a lot to the monkeys, the whole family knows him as a monkey boy only.
  • He fears snakes as, that is the only thing he avoids watching in the T.V
  • He likes eat fruits too much, especially banana
  • He sleeps very less
  • Thirst is profuse for cold water
  • Perspires much but without any specific smell

Case Understanding:

Along with all common symptoms of his ADHD the main individualistic feature of the case can be seen in following symptoms , Desire to jump & climb – to an extent that he was sitting on the outer wall of terrace ,he likes Mimicking & teasing others , the child is Intelligent & curious , the child is much fond of Liking for Dancing & jumping . Child was too attached to mother and all the time wants to cling her. He also had a Fear of separation from mother & Fear of snakes. Desire for eating fruits, especially banana.

Looking at all these symptoms & an overall picture of patient, the remedy prescribed was Lac. Rhesus. (Medicine made up from monkey’s milk.).

Differentiation with other medicines:

Looking at his behavior and symptoms we can sure think about either from spider group as it has almost all the features like restlessness, desire for dance & jump, desire to eat fruits etc. Looking at clingy behavior we can also think about Stramonium.

But, as in practice we try to prescribe on as holistic grounds as possible. We need to see that all the important symptoms related to Individuality of the patient should be a part of the similimum especially when we are focusing on mental symptoms to change. Here in the case Attachment to mother makes It more towards mammals. One more difference is also the absence of deception & planned deception which spiders have.

Prescription: Lac Rhesus 1m- 1 dose every morning for 15 days & Placebo for 2 months.

Follow Ups:

  • After 2 months: I asked parents how he is doing after the 2 months, Father answered me interestingly, “can’t you see he is sitting in front of you since last 10 minutes. ..!!!!”
    He kept asking me about my laptop this time , about how to operate etc. & communicated without a compulsion to get out from the consulting room.
    Parents said that he is doing well but concentration is not yet improved much remarkably.
    Rep : same medicine 10 doses. + placebo for another 2 months
  • After 4 months: He has started paying attention in the tuitions & can understand the topics better than before. But sleep is yet less, Mischief are as it is, teases the people yet , Had fever once , got resolved without any other medicine.
    Treatment plan: 1 Dose for his some physical complaints followed by No repetition
  • After 6 Months:Improving, restlessness reduced. Takes interest in communication, Better with schools yet keeps doing few mistakes in mathematics. Comparing it with DSM IV Criterions for ADHD we can see him improving in a right direction. Obviously, there is a long way to go yet, but the mains thing is the road is right. Such kind of behavioral issues can be excellently taken care by the beautiful science of which we are being blessed to practice.
    Heartiest thankful to Dr. Rajesh and his team for providing this wonderful platform to share experiences of homeopathy. I will sure share some nice cases and other information in future. For feedback or discussion regarding this case you can always write on