Metrorrhagia( Abnormal bleeding)

Metrorrhagia is a uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, typically between the expected menstrual periods.

It is not associated with menstruation, as it occurs at the wrong time of a month.

Metrorrhagia is a common problem seen mostly at the first few years of menstrual onset and especially in the patients who are near to their menopausal phase.

Homoeopathic medicines are administered to the patient after a detailed case taking and case understanding.

Homoeopathic medicines play a tremendous role in treating the cases of metrorrhagia without causing any side effects.


Intermittent bleeding between the periods can result from any of the factors as shown below:Inflammation: Cervicitis, Endometritis, Vaginitis, Pelvic inflammatory disease Endometrial abnormalities: Polyps, Uterine fibroids, Endometrial hyperplasia, Adenomyosis, EndometriosisEndocrinological causes: Hormonal imbalance, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, PCODDrugs: Overdose of anticoagulant medications, Use of progestin only contraceptivesNeoplasia: Cervical cancer, Uterine cancer, Endometrial cancer, Vaginal cancer, Ovarian cancerPregnancy related causes: Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage

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“Sign and Symptoms of Infertility”

Symptoms of metrorrhagia are very evident and they are as follows:

The main symptom of metrorrhagia is light to heavy bleeding or spotting between the regular menstrual periods.

Abdominal pain or cramps

Severe abdominal cramps in case of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage



Discomfort in abdomen

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Arnica, argentum nit, phosphorus, ignatia, lilium tig, kali carb, lac can, sepia, calc carb, Sabina, thalpasi bursa pastoris, silicea. Are well indicated homoeopathic remedies for the treatment of metrorrhagia. But an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a thorough case taking, on the basis of characteristic individualistic symptoms and constitution.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

For menstrual health related complaints, causative factor is hormonal imbalance for majority of the cases. Hormonal system of a female is greatly affected by emotional health of her. Any emotional up down is directly proportional to hormonal imbalance and so lead to derangement of menstrual health.

Every female passes from the different stages of life like puberty, pregnancy and menopause where her hormones play the maximum role to keep her healthy. Homeopathy takes best possible care of a female who is having any health derangement whole through her life span. The powerful homeopathic medicines can balance her emotions+ hormones and so it keeps her Healthy. We have many cases of menses irregularities and metrorrhagia where a woman had suffered a lot and struggled for cure. Ultimately she comes to us and as expected homeopathy proves as a best treatment modality. We would appeal every female to opt homeopathy for her overall health, as medicines are totally harmless and it treats from the roots. Homeopathic treatment focuses and treats cases having causes other than hormonal imbalance.

  • Include fresh green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and berries in your daily diet
  • Avoid eating junk, over processed and packed food products heavy in chemicals
  • Drink various juices prepared from citrus fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin c
Patient's Experience

I was having complaint of short cycle. I was having 2 cycles in a month and that were too much bleeding. I consulted Dr. Greeva Mankad through one of my friends. I am much better in my both the complaints within just months span. I am still taking treatment and improving nicely.

C Dutta


I consulted Dr. Greeva Mankad for my multiple complaints. I was suffering from migraine and imbalance of hormones as well. Dr Greeva took whole history of mine and understood my emotional problems in great details too. I found like ventilating my burden. After 8 months of treatment with her I got great relief in my every complaints. My emotions are also set in balance now.

S Nathani


My periods were very irregular since 3.5 years. Sometimes it comes within 20 days and sometimes they are delayed. I became very frustrated from this as disturbance in my daily routine. I continued allopathic treatment for many months but if I do not take that pills cycles become more irregular. After starting homeopathic treatment from Dr Mankads Homeoclinic my complaint started settling down.

G Budhhbhatti