Leucorrhea is a thick, whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina.

Sometimes, this discharge can keep occurring for years and it such cases it becomes more yellow and foul smelling.

Homoeopathic remedies are very beneficial and efficient in treating the cases of leucorrhea. Medicines are administered on the basis of characteristic individualistic symptoms after a complete case taking.

Types of leucorrhoea:

  • Physiological leucorrhea: This is considered as a normal state because the discharge can be due to a change in one’s hormonal levels. Which is usually seen in the early stages of pregnancy, and in a newborn baby for a week after birth( due to presence of maternal estrogen)
  • Pathological leucorrhea: the discharge can be yellow in color and having a foul smell. It is mostly because of the infections. Pathological reasons for leucorrhea may be cervicitis or vaginitis.

The most common causes are as follows:

Urinary tract infection, Poor hygiene, Unprotected sexual contact, Lack of nutrients in the food, Other bacterial or fungal infection, Diabetes or anemia, Irritation due to contraceptives inserted into the vagina, Injury to the cervix or any other tissues in the reproductive system.

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“Sign and Symptoms”

Symptoms of Leucorrhea are very evident and they are as follows:



Stomach cramps or pain


Pain in calves

Pain in the lumbar region

Redness in the vaginal area


Irritation and itching at genitals

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Sepia, alumina, calc carb, kreosotum, iodum, borax, graphites and nat.mur are well indicated homoeopathic remedies for the treatment of leucorrhea. But an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a thorough case taking.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Leucorrhoea is a common complaint for all women. Most secretions are regarding life style physiological and warrant no medical interventions. But it is significant if it is blood stained, profuse, foul smelling or with changes in its colour.

Homeopathy works fast in treating leucorrhoea. Homeopathic treatment works upon to balance internal disturbance of female reproductive system. This way homeopathy treats leucorrhoea from the routes

  • Eat fresh and green vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid eating packed, highly processed and unhygienic food heavy in chemicals and preservatives.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
Patient's Experience

I was having complaint of white discharge since many months. It used to start before periods and did not stop after 10 days of menses. Smell of the discharge was also worse. After starting homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad, my complaints reduced upto 80 % within 2 months of treatment

R Maru


I started with white discharge complaint when my first periods approached. I found it as normal. But this complaint continued and worsen even after 2 years. I consulted at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic and after 5 months of treatment, found a great reduction.

I Sharma


I was having a bad smelling white discharge with burning and itching too. It was worse condition for me to bear. I started homeopathic treatment and after that I found great relief in all my symptoms

T Gangawani