A Message on World Health Day

A Message on World Health Day
Health is a state of harmony of mind, body and soul all together.

Our body cannot remain healthy if our mind or emotions have any pains, or just having no disease is not Health always. Being healthy requires a compulsive attitude towards health. It requires sincere efforts to keep mind and body in health.

Healthy attitude towards life comprise of a right emotional awareness, freedom of thinking, balanced coping up in day to day social & family issues, non biased or non judgmental behavior, socially accepted behavior, self analysis and self improvement.

Apart from all we should also have some regularity to follow and have healthy habits of following:

  • Have a regular exercise and walking
  • Do yoga and pranayam everyday
  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Have a sound sleep for 6 to7 hours
  • Have a healthy, nutritious food
  • Stop smoking and alcohol
  • Spare some time for the self
  • Do meditate the self at least for two to three minutes & focus over respiration
  • Enjoy an abundance of nature at fullest
  • Avoid frequent use of harmful medications
  • Make a homeopath as your family doctor; as he/she will care for you as well as your disease.

So today on occasion of world health day have a resolution for yours and your family health and make a step towards healthy society.