Ringworm Infections

Ringworm, or tinea, refers to the several types of contagious fungal infections of the skin. It is called as ringworm as the itchy, red rashes have a ring like appearance.
  • This can affect any part of the body. It has nothing to do with worms
  • Ringworm occurs because of a fungus which eats keratin, a protein found in the skin, nails and hair
  • “Homoeopathic medicines provide effective treatment for curing ringworm as the medicines aim to annihilate the diseased condition from the roots in most harmless way than other modes of treatment.”

Ringworm is caused by a type of fungus which eats keratin. These dermatophytes(fungus) attack the skin, scalp, hair and nails because these are the only parts where there is much amount of keratin
These dermatophytes can survive on the skin for months. They can survive on clothes, towels and other household items
These dermatophytes can spread in the following ways:
human to human, animal to human, object to human
Other risk factors include wearing tight clothing, living in humid climate, sharing the clothes with one who is infected, and weakened immunity.

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“Signs & Symptoms of Ringworm Infections”

Scalp ringworm (tinea capitis): this type is more common in younger children and occasionally affects the adults
patches appear on the scalp, hair breaks away from the affected part, large inflamed areas may ooze pus

Tinea corpora or skin ringworm: this can affect infants, children and adults.
rings feel slightly raised
severe itching at affected site, merging rings form on the skin, the skin around the ring is red and inflamed.

Groin infections or tinea cruris: this is more common in young men, also known as jock itch
redness and burning sensation on affected area, flaky and scaly skin on the inner thighs, symptoms worsen when walking, running or exercising, tight clothing worsens the symptoms

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Sepia, sulphur, rhus tox, ringworm( nosode), Lycopodium, Kali Bichromicum are well indicated homoeopathic remedies for the treatment of ringworm. But an appropriately selected homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a detailed and complete case taking.

Homoeopathic medicines are the most recommended and most beneficial ones especially in case of ringworm and other skin diseases.

But, only a properly selected homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a detailed and complete case taking on basis of characteristic individuality and constitution.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Ringworm is one of the most common at the same time most tedious disease to get treated. Most of the time the intolerable itching increases the suffering of the patient significantly. As this is infectious as well the life of the patient becomes more problematic.

Generally, we have commonly seen the tendency of applying the anti-fungal tubes among the patients but generally it is not providing the relief significantly. As soon as patient stops using the same; disease recurs with increased or same intensity. Homeopathic medicines have always treated ringworms completely.

There was one instance where the factory owner came to take homeopathic medicines for his 20 employees who were sharing the room & all of them have developed ringworms. Homeopathic medicines helped all of them. Homeopathy also helps in reducing the intolerable itching which is extremely agonizing to the patients.

Along with the homeopathic medicines good hygienic condition is also mandatory to maintain for early reduction in the disease. Those food items which provokes more itching should also be avoided.

  • Fermented food which contains yeast and other baking agents should be strictly avoided
  • Breads, buns, other baked items and fermented drinks, jarred sauces, jams, syrups, salad dressings and pickled vegetables should be avoided
  • Leftover food should never be reused to cook another meal
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in daily diet in form of soups, juices and smoothies
  • Certain food articles causing allergic reaction to the patient should be avoided
Patient's Experience

‘मै अहमदाबाद ने करीबन पिछले ११ महीने से रहेता हु. इधर एक हॉस्टल में रहेने के कारण मुजे पहेले १५ दिन में ही दाद का इन्फेक्शन लग गया. कई महिना क्रीम वगेरा लगाने के बाद मैंने होमिओपथिक दवाईया शुरू की. करीबन पहेले १५ दिन में ही मेरी खुजली कम होने लगी और करीबन २ महीने में मेरे सारे दाग़ दीखते बंध हो गए . होमिओपथी दाद की तकलीफ में बिल्कुल सही तरह से काम करती है ऐसा मेरा ज़रूर मानना है.’

संतोष शर्मा

उदयपुर; राजस्थान

‘I am working as a manager in the hotel industry & having such skin problem can be extremely hazardous not only to my health but to my carrier as well. I was extra cautious regarding this complaint & wanted a permanent solution for the same So I opt homeopathy. After consulting at Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic after around 2 months now there is no sign of the disease. I will strongly recommend Dr. Mankads homeopathy for treatment of your disease.

Mr. P. Adwani


My ringworm has been treated with homeopathy & not recurred even after 2 years. It’s a recommended clinic to get your ringworm treated.

Mr. Jani H.


ગુજરાતના સૌરાષ્ટ્ર વિસ્તારના નાના ગામડા ની પ્રાથમિક શાળામાં હું શિક્ષક તરીકે ફરજ બજાવું છું. છેલ્લા ૬ વર્ષ થી સાથળ ની બંને બાજુ મને ખુબ દાદર ની તકલીફ રહેતી. ક્રીમ લગાવું તો ખંજવાળ થોડી ઓછી થતી પણ દાદર તો ફેલાતા જ રહેતા. હોમીઓપેથો દવાની વાત વિષે જાણ્યું અને મેં અમદાવાદ ખાતે થી ડો. માંકડ ને ત્યાં થી દવા શરુ કરી. મને ડર પણ રહેતો કે હોમીઓપથી માં ક્યાંક થોડી તકલીફ વધી ન જાય. પરંતુ પ્રથમ વખતે જ ડોકટરે મને પુરતો સમય આપી એ સમજાવ્યું કે આ એક ખોટી માન્યતા છે અને એવો કોઈ પ્રશ્ન મને નડશે નહિ. મેં લગભગ ૪ મહિના ડો . માંકડ ની દવા કરી. અંતરિયાળ વિસ્તાર હોવા છતાં મને નિયમિત મને દવા મળી રહેતી કુરીઅર દ્વારા અને હું એમને દાદર ના ફોટા મોકલી ફોલોઅપ આપતો રહેતો. મરી તકલીફ લગભગ મટવામાં છે . હું શિક્ષક હોવાના નાતે જરૂર કહીશ કે હોમીઓપથી ચિકિત્સાપધ્ધતિ એ ખુબ અસરકારક છે. મારા દાદર ઉપરાંત મારા પત્ની ની માસિક ની તકલીફો નો ઈલાજ પણ સફળતા પૂર્વક ડો. માંકડ કલીનીક માં થઇ ગયેલો.

જતીન ચૌહાણ

જી. ભાવનગર

My very intense ringworm has been treated within 1.5 years which I really feel an important milestone of my life as I have carried the same disease for around 12 to 15 years of life. Feeling a sense of relief when I experience my itch less nights after years of scratching & itching.

Mr. Kushwah J


My ringworms not there after 3 months of treatment at Dr. Mankads homeoclinic. Thanks doctors.

Ms. Jhanvi Modi