Reiki – best therapy for Cancer Care

Reiki – best therapy for Cancer Care
Reiki – best therapy for Cancer Care

Dr. Greeva Mankad
MD (Reiki)
Reiki Consultant & teacher

Reiki is a hands on healing therapy.

Reiki energy works to put the body back into balance. For any diseases, Reiki works efficiently to deal with it. Particularly when we talk about cancer like complex disease condition, a sufferer needs combination of many therapies to alleviate the vitality, to reduce suffering, pain & side effects and also to boost up emotionally and mentally.

Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of each experience.

Specifically a person undergoing whole cancer treatment passes through various ups & downs of physical, emotional and social health. In that case his overall energy gets lower & reiki brings it back. Specifically Reiki releases the toxins of negativity accumulated on physical, emotional and mental plane of body so as to cleanse the body. Reiki healing has a vast scope over dealing with cancer with wonderful results.

Reiki can calm the emotions, decrease or remove physical pain, calm the anxious and chattering mind and help one to reconnect with their spirituality. It also helps to cleanse the body of toxins and speed up and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.

It can make the experience of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, more tolerable.

Pre op reiki ( reiki before surgery)

  • People that have had "pre-op" Reiki treatments, can get ready mentally for surgery very well.
  • They have found that they have less pain, minimal blood loss during the surgery, and are up on their feet soon after surgery. They also experience little or no pain. They then continue with Reiki treatments for several weeks after surgery, which speeds up and supports the healing process.

Reiki during chemotherapy/ radiation

  • Reiki can help release the toxins of their treatment and lessen their discomfort.
  • Reiki can also calm their emotions, help them to deal with the fatigue, and strengthen them so that they can "keep on keeping on" during the difficult time.
  • Some people have even told me that after a Reiki treatment, the nausea and vomiting is less.
  • A Reiki treatment is also good for the caregiver or support person. Reiki can help them stay strong for their loved ones.
  • My experience with reiki for cancer patients
    I have specifically observed patients of mine got reduced intensity of any bad effects of chemo therapy or radiations on sub sequent sessions. They can positively face the whole phase of treatment with new hopes. Symptoms of the cancer itself also have been reduced with Reiki
  • In last stages of cancer, Reiki work as a palliative mode of treatment.