An Article on National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day
Happy Doctor’s Day to all Doctors/Colleagues, Who Heal Others and Also to Those Who Heal Themselves.

A Doctor – the word by itself gives a great feel to the one. As by itself is suggestive of a scholarly individual with due respect and of great value in the society in and around him.

Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India on July 1st every year. Doctor’s Day celebrations started in 1991 when the Government of India recognized July 1, the birth anniversary as well as the date of demise of famous physician, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (BC Roy). Dr. B.C. Roy worked a lot in area of medicine especially in terms of helping the poor patients.

Doctor is a healer …who reduces the pain, anxiety and fears in and around the people. It is a well known fact that mainly it is not the disease what makes the patient faint but it is the anxiety and darkness about the disease what makes the person faint. Reduction of this anxiety and darkness in thousands of people coming to us provide us an immense satisfaction as a physician.

A Doctor needs to imbibe many qualities as honesty, having non judgmental eye towards patients, a gentle care and self actualization. Having all these qualities provokes a healing touch within making him a true holistic healer – A real Homeopath. Seeing varieties of patients evolve us day by day. We are thankful to our patients as well for stepping us on a further step of evolution as a homeopath

We can classify the duty of all physicians mainly into 3 categories.

  • Doctor as a preventive health care practitioner
  • Doctor as a diagnostician
  • Doctor as a healer

Only giving remedy is not all about being a doctor …it is only a part of job being a doctor. A doctor is much beyond that. Let us understand our value and maintain the same.

Health is all about creating the healthy experience within. Being a doctor we really have proud that we are the one chosen by the nature to have this ability to understand and reduce dis-ease within the patients.


Let us have a feel of it today.