(Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)

ITP is a clinical condition where the autoimmunity targets the healthy platelets and destroys them.

Resultant effect of this pathology is thrombocytopenia (decrease in circulating platelets) which can cause bleeding. Normally, the immune system makes antibodies (proteins) to fight off germs or other harmful things that enter the body. In ITP, however, the immune system attacks and destroys the body's platelets by mistake.

Homeopathy is an effective treatment in cases of ITP.


The cause of ITP is unknown. Few common triggers like recurrent infections, streptococcal infections or Flu may trigger ITP. There few allopathic medicines also which can also trigger ITP.

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“Signs & Symptoms of ITP”

Platelets are the key coagulants of blood. Because of the low platelets in the blood stream, following signs & symptoms becomes evident:

Tendency of bleeding which may result in bleeding gums, bleeding from the noseblood in urine, blood in stool, blood in sputum etc may appear

Nosebleed or bleeding from the gums

Purpura because of Easy bruising

Petechias because of Blood extravasation from capillaries to skin & mucus membrane.

Any kind of bleeding that's hard to stop could be a sign of ITP. This includes menstrual bleeding in women that's heavier than usual.

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Homeopathic medicines work as immunomodulator which moderates the process of autoimmunity in our body & treats the ITP. Homeopathy becomes more useful in case of children as along with treating it also saves the child from the side effects of the other medicines which they need to take for treating ITP if, not taking Homeopathic treatment. We have some wonderful medicines who work best in cases of ITP

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

ITP mostly turns out to be an obstinate & chronic disease where generally patients improve after months or years of treatment.

By that time patient needs to learn being with low platelet levels.

ITP is not a life-threatening disease unless there is no active bleeding.

At Dr.Mankads’ Homeoclinic we have a wide clinical experience in dealing with ITP cases. From the most obstinate cases to the acute developments we have been successful so far in treating ITP.

We have seen platelets raising by 1,30,000/IU from just 1,000 in the first report.

Effectiveness of the homoeopathic treatment is because homeopathy directly modulates the immunity & moderates the autoimmune process which treats the patient permanently.

Patient's Experience

I was scared when I was diagnosed with this less known disorder It was extremely troublesome when I come to know about the side effects & cost of the other treatments available for ITP. At Dr.Mankads’ Homeoclinic it took around 4 Months my platelets which was around 3000/ IU started increasing which finally landed to 1,70,000/IU. Which is the same since last 2 years.

Mr. S.Jain


My kid around 4 years has diagnosed as having ITP since last 7 - 8 months. I was already under the treatment of one doctor but in spite of medicines for 3 months his platelet count remained the same which was below 10,000/IU. He also gained weight a lot & started showing sugar in hi blood because of the other medicines. We started with Homeopathic treatment with a hope & within other 4 months his platelets improved significantly. It would be around 70,000/IU now. Although its less than the requirement but at least my kid is out of bleeding risk that is too without any side effects. I will strongly recommend homeopathy for the ITP.

Mr. B. Parekh


ITP remained with me for around 1.7 years. Platelets didn’t improve even after my spleen was removed after a high-risk operation. Platelets started improving after I started with Homeopathic treatment. Since last 3 years It’s normal. I have stopped taking homeopathic medicines too as the count remains normal & there are no other complaints.

Mr. K. Antani


I was detected with ITP & had starred the treatment under Dr. Greeva Mankad in 2016. My platelets started improving within short period. I am still under treatment for my few other problems but ITP has improved since long.

Mrs. S bhagnani


I am currently under treatment of Dr Greeva Mankad for ITP. I consulted her for my profuse menstrual bleeding which was not stopping due to itp. Apart from this I was having purpura all over the body. Just after 15 days of treatment my platelets pushed up to 115000. I was very amazed with this result, as I was already taking treatment from leading haematologist with no result at all. Now since 4 months my platelets are same and I am not having any symptoms or sign of low platelets.

G Sharma


My platelets used to remain around 2,000 for more than 3 years. Homeopathic treatment worked as a powerful tool. After the treatment for around 2 years at Dr.Mankads’ Homeoclinic, it started remaining around 1, 86,000. The same has been maintained as well since 1 year.

Mr. Rajesh S.


My 7 years old daughter was detected with ITP. We were consulting one leading haematologist from Ahmedabad since many months and also advised for splenectomy surgery as there was no result. Then by reference we consulted at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic and within 3 months platelets shoot up and reached around 250000. We continued medications for a year and not having any complaints right now.

V Dumrani