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Order & be paediatrician of your kid Specially designed homeopathic home medicine kit for children below 6 years of age with user’s manual.

Common Cold | Constipation | Chicken Pox | Colic | Diarrhea | Dentition Troubles | Earache | Fever | Injury | Irritability | Immunity Strengthening | Measles | Worms | Throat Infection | Vaccination Side Effects

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  • ‘Homeo Gems’ is a home kit for children created by Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic Contains 30 well selected homeopathic medicines for your child’s everyday needs.
  • Medicines are totally harmless/without any side effects and prepared from natural substance.
  • Homeo Gems home kit is that medicines are child friendly as they are sweet in taste and easy to use when it is needed.
  • It also helps in enhancing a growing child’s immunity.
  • In the kit the instruction manual in all three languages (Gujarati, Hindi and English) is also given which makes you a doctor of your kid without any worries.
  • If you have any further questions, then please refer to our FAQs section.
  • Strengthening immunity of child
  • બાળકોમાં રોગ પ્રતિકારકતા વધારવાના ઘરગથ્થુ ઉપચાર તથા હોમીઓપેથી
  • Fever Solutions for Child
  • Coping with Colic
  • “બાળકને વારંવાર થતા શરદી-ઉધરસ અને તેના ઉપાયો”
  • પથારીમાં પેશાબની સમસ્યા – અને હોમિયોપેથી
  • બાળકોમાં ખેંચની સમસ્યા અને હોમિયોપેથી
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Patient's Experience

‘Homeogems has helped me a lot in taking care of the routine complaints of my kid. In fact I am using this kit since last 2 years & I have not been to paediatrician ever since. In spite of 3 to 5 different episodes of fever & colic happened but I have used to homeopathic pills as per the instructions written in the book & my kid was healthy again. Once I called Dr. Greeva for one fever episode when I was in my home town which is in Uttar Pradesh . As per her guidance I have given the medicines from the Homeogems & the episode went uneventful. Keeping such kit with you is highly recommended for the new parents.

Mrs. J Shrivastava


‘My child had become much cranky & irritable during teething time. Homeogems helped a lot. She used to get constipated instead of getting diarrhoea during dentition. With guidance of Dr. Greeva & the homeopathic home kit Homeogems I dealt with all this struggle easily. Really a good thought of making such kit. Thanks Dr. Greeva.

Mrs. Kalpana Singh


‘We had a severe gastric infection because of some food while we were travelling to Bhutan. Keeping ‘Homeo Traveller’ kit with me helped me a lot. I continued 9 number medicine for just one day & I was out of that episode.’

Mr. Chetan Kruplani


‘I have ‘Homeoguard’ the homeopathic home kit prepared by Dr.Mankads Homeoclinic. I have always used it during the phases of fever for all of my family members because of which we have been able to nullify the use of antibiotics so far. Fever also most of the times comes under control after using the indicated medicines.’

Mr. J. Trivedi


‘Homeogems has helped a lot during the basic developmental years of my child. I never have to use antibiotics because of the homeopathic home kit. Homeopathy is really recommended for children.

Mrs. A. Bhatt


‘I am a regular tracker & keep doing it thrice a year. I always keep ‘Homeotraveller’ – A travelling kit by Dr. Mankads Homeoclinic which has helped me many times in reducing my bodyache, in controlling fever & in controlling infections. I will recommend the Homeotraveller with you if you have to travel a lot.’

Mr. Jayant M


I am a regular patient of Dr Mankads' Homeoclinic. I consulted there for urinary complaints of my father. He was having borderline high creatinine since many months. We are taking regular homeopathic treatment and his reports started coming normal within just 3 months

P Soni


I was having problem of recurrent stone complaints. Due to that also everytime i used to get urinary tract infection. Doctors suggested to go for operation, but I didn't prefer. I opted taking homeopathic treatment from Dr Mankads' homeoclinic. Homeopathic treatment gave me a wonderful result. I am having neither infection nor stones.

H Mankad