Healthy Mind: The Secret of Healthy Body

Healthy Mind: The Secret of Healthy Body
Mind creates the changes in the Endocrinol, metabolic & immune system of the body which is the origin of most of the diseases today’s time.

Gems for keeping your mind healthy on today’s world mental health day :

Being Homeopath, we consider the core individuality of each patient which includes their complete mental state. Every time we come to conclusion that Mind & Body Speaks the same language. Root of each disease is there in mind. So, please don’t limit understanding of your physical disease to a physical plane only your mind also plays a role in presence of your disease. This is one of the major reason behind the successful results of homeopathy as it’s the only medical science which deals with the Mental & physical plane at the same time & treats diseases from its roots.

Mind is not only about emotions. It’s also about the way we perceive, the way we cope up, the way we look at the reality, our fears, our dreams, our prominent emotions & our reactions.

Getting more & more aware about the self & accepting our true being which may be fearful, jealous, angry, timid, egoistic, maniacal or obsessed is very important rather than keep denying our true feelings. Only in the light of acceptance mind can get ignited. ‘Controlling, Suppressing & denying ‘all these 3 will take you far from your reality. The far we are from our real self, the more diseased we will be.

Ability to be in the ‘Present’ with ‘Unconditional okay ness’ is one of the reflections of healthy state of mind.

Looking at the reality without keep being judgmental or keep joining it with the past experiences will keep mind much open to the different colors of life.

Accepting, loving & respecting other person’s individuality which may be completely or partially different from our individuality, our ideas & expectations will help a lot to maintain health in relations.

Everyday giving time to the self, pursuing one hobby dedicatedly, Regular exercise, Listening music of individual choice & practicing Yog will help mind towards health.

‘Health’ is a state of being at mental & physical both the planes. ‘Homeopathy’ is the science & art to take each patient towards that.