Happy Heart with Homeopathy

Happy Heart with Homeopathy
In today’s time factors like Stress, addictions, faulty life style, tongue tickling food habits and avoidance of the care of health calls for Heart diseases irrespective of gender & age groups.

So, to keep your ‘life machine’ beating healthily Keep these stuff in your mind:

  • Maintain good food habit
  • Regular minimum 45 min exercise
  • Addiction avoidance
  • Meditation/Yog/Pranayam
  • Adequate sleep and rest

For the patient of the heart diseases,

Homeopathy and Music therapy as alternative treatment are very much effective and absolutely harmless.

Specially In Homeopathy medicines like Cretagus , Raowlfia Sperp. , Aurum Met, Cactus G., Digitalis really works like miracle in cases of excessive cholesterol, Myocardial Infarction, High Blood pressure , Low Ejection Frraction because of various reasons etc. Homeopathy can help in all these conditions.

So, healthy Life Style + Homeopathy – the best mixture to keep Heart pumping for more & more years..