Gout is a common and complex form of arthritis causing inflammation usually in one joint which begins suddenly and caused by deposition of crystals of uric acid in a joint.

Gout has four distinct stages. Asymptomatic- high level of uric acid in blood but there are no joint complaints, Acute phase- pain and swelling occur for a brief period, Intercritical phase- no pain and swelling of joints in this phase, Chronic phase- gout attacks may become frequent during this phase and many joints at a time are affected

Treatment of gout in homoeopathy is the most safe and recommendable because a well selected constitutional homoeopathic medicine is administered to the patient of gout after a detailed case taking on the basis of symptom similarity and characteristic individuality.

Risk factors: obesity, alcohol consumption, untreated high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart and kidney disease, eating a high purine diet, family history of gout, uric acid levels increase at puberty in men and at menopause in women, gout is more common after surgery, trauma and dehydration, use of certain drugs such as diuretics can also cause gout, treatment of certain types of cancer can cause gout because increase in uric acid levels as a result of the destruction of cancer cells.


Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood or hyperuricemia. Normally, uric acid is dissolved in the blood and that is excreted from the body through the urine. But, when either too much of uric acid is produced or not enough is excreted, it can form needle like crystals which induces inflammation and pain in the joints and surrounding tissues.

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“Sign and Symptoms of Gout”

the most characteristic symptom of gout is sudden onset of hot, red, swollen, stiff and painful joint. (the most common joint involved in gout is the foot and base of the big toe. But, any joint can be involved like knee, ankle and small joints of hands.)

tenderness is so intense that a slightest contact of bed sheet can cause discomfort

restricted and decreased mobility of joints because of extreme stiffness

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Benzoic acid, berberis vulgaris, urtica urens, colchicum, ledum pal, lycopodium, rhododendron, calc flour, belladonna, arnica are well indicated homoeopathic remedies. But, only an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a thorough and complete case taking.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Homeopathy is very well known for treating any disease conditions without causing any harm to the system. In homeopathy while case taking process, we come to an exact similar medicine by tracing an individuality of a person suffering from any particular disease. Homeopathic medicines not only relieve disease symptoms, but it also balances internal disease process. So homeopathic mode of treatment therapy has a vast potential for various disease conditions of almost all the systems.

Joints or musculoskeletal system is very important system of the body. it forms the base or support to the body. it makes person mobile and provides flexibility of motion. Any disturbance in this system affects person as a whole. Allied science has very limited scope for the affections of this system. for majority of complaints patients have to rely upon pain killing drugs only, which also carries dangerous side effects. Along with other dietary modifications, weight reduction and other life style measures timely homeopathic intervention helps patient a lot for preventing, controlling and managing such conditions.

Homeopathic medicines play a crucial role for relieving or managing any joint complaints. It successfully controls pain, stiffness, burning sensation leading to normal movement of joint. I t also reduces swelling and relaxes tensed muscles encircling joint cartilages. Any joint or musculoskeletal system related complaint may it be gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis or any other, Homeopathic treatment helps patient to come out of any discomfort

  • The diet for gout’s patient should be high in complex carbohydrates and low in protein
  • Eat fresh green vegetables and fruits like strawberry as they have antioxidant properties and they can neutralize uric acid
  • Drink plenty of water as it promotes the excretion of uric acid and also prevents the development of kidney stones
Patient's Experience

I was having knee joint pains on both the sides. I felt very difficulty while walking. sometimes one or both joints swell also. I started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Parth Mankad for my complaints. I felt great relief in pain and swelling both within 4 months. Now I can walk upto 2 kms without much pain.

G Pateliya


I was suffering from osteoarthritis. my right knee joint used to pain like anything. I could hardly walk upto 1 km distance due to pain, which I walk regularly while going to office. I applied many massage oils and hot and cold sponges but it gave relief for time being only. After taking around 8 months homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad at her anjar clinic, I am 80 % better.

S Patel


I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I got to know that homeopathy cures this kind of cases. I consulted Dr. Parth Mankad. My joints used to get stiffen especially when I get up in the morning. RA factor came down to 5.4 from 80 just within 5 months of homeopathic treatment was a big victory for me. I am much better in my pains and stiffness.

V Mistry


Due to increasing age i had difficulty in walking due to joint pain. I consulted at Dr Mankads' homeoclinic for the joint pain and I am having great relief and can walk without pain.

S Guha


I was suffering from lower back pain since 2 years. I had to commute in train on daily basis. So it was a constant factor for me. I consulted at Dr Mankads' homeoclinic for this and I am more than 70 % better within 6 months. I am still taking homeopathic treatment and improving nicely.

V Jani


મારે ઘણા સમયથી નશો પગમાં પાછળના ભાગમાં ફૂલેલી રહેતી। ઘણા ડોક્ટરને દેખાડ્યું। બધા એ એમજ કહ્યું કે એને વેરીકોઝ વેઇન્સ કહેવાય, ધ્યાન નહિ રાખોતો સમય જતા વધે પણ! ડોક્ટર પાર્થ સાહેબની હોમીઓપેથીક દવા કરી. એમને બીજી પણ કેટલીક સલાહ આપી. એમની દવા મેં દોઢ વર્ષ સુધી ચાલુ રાખી, મને 80% રાહત છે અને તકલીફ વધી પણ નથી.

D Thakkar


મારે ઘણા સમયથી નશો પગમાં પાછળના ભાગમાં ફૂલેલી રહેતી। ઘણા ડોક્ટરને દેખાડ્યું। બધા એ એમજ કહ્યું કે એને વેરીકોઝ વેઇન્સ કહેવાય, ધ્યાન નહિ રાખોતો સમય જતા વધે પણ! ડોક્ટર પાર્થ સાહેબની હોમીઓપેથીક દવા કરી. એમને બીજી પણ કેટલીક સલાહ આપી. એમની દવા મેં દોઢ વર્ષ સુધી ચાલુ રાખી, મને 80% રાહત છે અને તકલીફ વધી પણ નથી.

D Thakkar


મારે વજન થોડું વધુ હોવાને લીધે થોડુંક ચાલવામાં પણ બંને ગોઠણમાં દુખાવાની ફરિયાદ રહેતી। કોઈ પણ તકલીફ થાય એટલે ડો ગ્રીવા માંકડની હોમીઓપેથીક દવા લેવાની અમારા આખા પરિવારને ટેવ. જ્યારે દુખાવો વધુ થાય એટલે એમણે મોકલાવેલ દવા લઇ લાઉ એટલે રાહત થઇ જાય. વિદેશી દવા કરતા આ હોમીઓપેથીક આ દવાની કોઈ આડઅસર ન હોય એટલે નિશ્ચિંન્ત થઇ ને લઈ લઉ.

H Suthar


મારે નાની ઉંમરમાં જ સ્લીપ ડિસ્કની સમસ્યા થઇ ગયેલ। દુખાવો એટલો રહે કે ક્યારેક તો પેઈન કિલ્લર ઇન્જેક્શન પણ લેવા પડે. જ્યારથી ડો પાર્થ માંકડ સાહેબની હોમીઓપેથીક દવા ચાલુ કરી છે ત્યારથી ઇન્જેક્શન તો દૂર પણ નથી લેવી પડી. સહેના કહેવાથી રહણી કહેણીના તેમજ વજન ઘટાડવાના બીજા પણ કેટલાક ફેરફારો ચાલુ કર્યા છે.

A Soni