Homeopathy is an effective system of treatment/healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease.

In 1796, a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered a different approach to the cure of the sick which he called homeopathy (from the Greek words meaning ‘similar suffering’). Where remedy is chosen which can create the similar picture of disease & throws real disease out of the body on the basis of principle like cures like.

Homeopathy is based on the philosophy of holism & individualization. That means, disease is not something which happens only in certain part of the body but disease & its symptoms are the reflection of disturbances at body, mind, emotional & also at subconscious levels. Human being is not a mechanical totality of different parts they are really separate and distinct, but are actually fully integrated. Based on this perspective, a homeopath understands a complete Human being as an individual because no two persons are same. Hence homeopathy treats the complete diseased being which is much beyond then the treatment only at a diagnostic level .

It regulates & balances immune system, endocrinal system, metabolic activities & psychological compulsions etc everything which is not in proportion or balanced & hence creates a complete health which encompasses health in mental, physical, social& spiritual dimensions.
  • Effective & Permanent Cure.
  • Harmless & without side effects
  • Strengthens General Immunity
  • Most Natural Way for Cure.
  • Stops Recurrences of Any Diseases
  • Helps in Creating Healthy Body + Healthy Mind
  • Creates balance & harmony amongst various systems of body
  • Easy to take & Carry. Children Friendly
Homeopathic medicines are having efficacy to treat almost all kind of diseases,

In homeopathy the prescription is based not on the name of particular disease but it is based on the whole constitution of that person.

‘Homeopathy treats the diseased person so automatically; Disease in the person is getting healed’

Homeopathic treatment works excellently in,

  • Respiratory Problems: Chronic/Recurrent Cold & Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Nasal Polyp, Lung Cancer
  • Gastric Problems: Acidity, Gas, Constipation, Gastritis, Appendicitis, Hiatus hernia, Peptic Ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ,Cancer in stomach ,Gallstone
  • Psychological Complaints: Depression, Fears &Phobias, Disease Because of Stress, Dullness, Lethargy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sleeplessness, Sleep Walking/Talking, Nightmares
  • Neurological Complaints: Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Headache/ Migraine, Neurofibroma
  • Thyroid
  • Allergy
  • Vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Gynecological Complaints: Leucorrhoea, Painful periods, PCOD, Irregular Periods, Infertility, Menopausal Complaints, Uterine Fibroid
  • Children Complaints: Immunity Problems, Recurrent Infections, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Involuntary Urination, Behavior problems, Dentition problems, Mental Retardation
  • Kidney Diseases: Renal Stones, Urinary Tract Infections, Nephritic Syndrome
  • Sexual Problems: Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction Loss of Desire, Low Sperm Count /Infertility
  • Joint Complaints: Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Avascular Necrosis, Backache, Spondylitis,
  • Skin Complaints: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Warts, Acne, Eczema
  • Obesity
  • Cancers of All Kinds
Basic improvement time at Dr. Mankads' Homeoclinic: 3 months (approx.)

Recommended duration for permanent eradication of disease: 1 year (approx.)

Yet, Time of treatment varies according to disease & duration of your disease. It is totally a wrong belief that homeopathy takes long time to treat. Homeopathy can work within few hours or days if the disease is very acute in nature, But if disease is much deeper and having long lasting history than, that disease requires a time heal.

The recommended time for taking the treatment is 6 months to 1 year if you want to eradicate your disease permanently.
Homeopathy is based on the holism. It indicates that a person’s body, mind and emotions are not really separate and distinct, but are actually fully integrated & at the time of disease all these 3 are getting affected simultaneously.

Based on this perspective, a homeopath tries to give you the medicine that covers patient’s complete constitution i.e. a patient’s physical and psychological symptoms.

A person ‘s subconscious i.e. Dreams, Fears & experience of the person in situations everything plays a role in the formation of one’s individuality, his life & his diseases as well hence , it is very important for a homeopath to conduct an in-depth interview of a patient to ensure a proper, all encompassing remedy.

So, At the first consultation your homeopath will usually spend at least an hour, sometimes longer, asking detailed questions about your current health, medical history, and lifestyle. Some of the questions may seem strange, but the important thing to remember with homeopathy is that it treats the individual in a holistic way, and so your homeopath is looking to understand how you experience your symptoms and how they affect your life, so that s/he can match you with the most appropriate medicine.
Homeopathy is quite safe. In Homeopathy there are no side effects or harmful effects.Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects.

Homeopathic remedies are based on natural ingredients such as different kind of plants/herbs, minerals or animal products. It is having no chemical mixtures or adulteration.

Homeopathy works in harmony with your immune system & endocrine system unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system or creates an imbalance in endocrines which results in various side effects.

Kindly beware of the people or doctors who keep saying that there is a content of steroid in Homeopathy. This is a Myth. Homeopathic medicines contain only and only essence of various natural substances. There is No use of steroid is done in any of the Homeopathic medicines or during Homeopathic treatment.

The other similar myth is people say disease will come out completely if you will start homeopathic treatment, so suffering will be much. This though process is also absolutely incorrect. With a rightly chosen homeopathic medicine in a correct power and with right repetition of medicines never ever any kind of suffering comes.

Without any fears anybody can start homeopathic treatment at any time in his life.
Yes. If you are taking any medicines regularly you can continue with your medicine & can begin with homeopathic medicine simultaneously. It is having no harmful effect rather it enhances the effect of medicine you are already taking. As homeopathy starts helping we can gradually reduce or stop all other medicines.
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As soon as you will proceed to make your transaction after consultation, medicines will be dispatched on the same day .

Medicines will reach to your doorstep within 7 to 10 working days.

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