Diet Counselling

“Never let medicines become your food Let food become your medicine”

“we are what we eat.” Whatever we eat reflects on our own body.
Food provides fuel to our basic human activities.

Eating right food with conscious mind is a key to achieve optimum health. According to a standard balanced diet, a person should always include sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in daily diet. So, we should always make sure that our meal has sufficient amount of aforementioned components in our routine diet.

For the management and treatment of any disease with the rightly prescribed medicines, designing and planning the diet according to the disease work as a conjunctive treatment and boost up the entire process of healing.

A few of the examples given below demonstrate the significant importance of diet in certain diseases:

In most of the respiratory disorders, physician always emphasizes on including citrus fruits in diet as the fruits rich in vitamin c always help in improving the immunity and work as natural bronchodilators and moreover, they help in preventing the further progression of the disease

In most of the gastrointestinal disorders, physician always advises the patient to avoid highly processed, oily, spicy and seasoned food, pickles and gravy with surplus amount of condiments/whole spices.

In case of hypertension, physician advises the patient to gradually reduce the amount of salt and with that to use the fried wafers, papads, pickles and clarified butter mindfully and moderately

In case of diabetes, physician’s guidelines to the patient are must. Physician advises the patient to restrict the use of refined sugar, jaggery, carbonated beverages, jams, jellies.

Instead of using sugar substitutes or alternatives, patient can always use powder of dry dates or stevia leaves. Selection of right fruits or food products with low glycemic index is always a necessary to maintain the blood sugar level.

We should always prioritize the nutritive values of food and eat right food in right and smart way. To maintain a health in all possible dimensions, one should always know what he or she should have on the plate.


“We at Dr Mankad’s Homoeopathic clinic always guide our patient about which kind of diet they should have and how they can make necessary changes in diet for wellness. We believe that the patient should be conscious about what he or she eats daily and which food or ingredients are good or not good for his or her health.”


We respect the individuality of patients and guide them about the diet after asking their desire, craving, aversion and food allergies because these peculiar and characteristic individualistic factors also help us in selecting and administering the right and appropriate homoeopathic remedy.


We help the patients to select alternatives and substitutes of certain food articles which are actually harmful and hazardous their health.