Coping with Colic

Coping with Colic
Colic is a condition which causes pain in infant’s abdomen.

Homeopathic treatment for colic relieves pain and soothes child very effectively. In our routine OPD at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic, we advise parents about ways to soothe a child in colic by natural and homeopathic means. Let us discuss them here.

Colic generally starts around 2 to 6 weeks of age and not last more than 4 months of infancy. Apart from pain in abdomen, child may experience gassiness, a distended belly, irritability, and long, inconsolable bouts of crying, usually starting in the early evening and lasting for hours. No sure reason is known for colic.

Besides comforting your baby, Its important to comfort yourself first. Have patience till tough time passes. Here homeopathic medicines are very effective for treatment of colic. Apart from homeopathy let us understand some basics of coping with colic.

Your first job is to create a supportive environment that lessens your baby’s need to cry, to offer a set of caring and relaxing arms

  • Position your baby so that his stomach rests on your forearm and his head is supported in the palm of your hand or the crook of your arm
  • The steady rhythm of any kind of movement is soothing. Rock and roll him. Rock your baby in your arms. Take him for a ride in the car, or for a walk in his stroller
  • Give him a massage. Lay him tummy down position across your legs and gently rub his back to help release pent-up gas. You can also massage him on his abdomen very slowly in up down motion. You can apply asafetida soaked in hot water while massaging on abdomen
  • Gently move baby’s legs in pedaling motion which relieves gas n comfort the baby
  • Place a warm cloth on his tummy which will relax abdominal muscles
  • Outside stimulation like light, noise will make your baby cranky. Try to reduce them n just sing or play any comforting lullaby to divert his attention to that pleasant music
  • If nothing works, think about changing your diet as it also impacts. Avoid dairy products, caffeine, onions, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, and spicy foods at least for your baby till she is feeding on you

Homeopathic medicines wonderfully helps in relieving colic and soothing colicky baby. Some are the best homeopathic medicines for combating colic namely colocynth, magnesium phos, dioscoria, nux vomica, chamomilla, cina etc. if carefully selected and repeated, these medicines can do a wonder.