Chalazion is a small, benign, painless nodule/lump or a cyst in the upper or lower eyelid.
  • A chalazion is not a tumor and does not cause permanent changes in the vision. Symptoms usually go away without the necessity of surgery.
  • The contents of chalazion include pus and blocked lipids that normally help in lubricating the eye but here they can not drain out and cause redness and swelling of the eyelids.

“Homoeopathic treatment is always safe and harmless and absolutely genuine because the medicine is administered to the patient after a detailed case taking on the basis of characteristic individualistic symptoms and aim to remove the disease permanently from its roots.”

Risk factors: People with blepharitis, eczema, acne rosacea and seborrhea of the lids are at greater risk of developing chalazion.


It is because of the infection of a oil gland known as meibomian gland or it may occur following a stye. So, the inflammation or the viruses affecting the meibomian glands are the main and underlying causes of chalazion. Epstein barr virus, adeno virus or herepes simplex virus are responsible are also responsible for the occurrence of chalazion.

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“Sign and Symptoms of Chalazion”

Painless swelling on the eyelid

Redness of the conjunctiva

Heaviness in eyelids

Soreness or discomfort

Watery eye

Mild irritation in the eye

Blurry vision


Tenderness and light sensitivity

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Homoeopathic medicines can treat the chalazion successfully, harmlessly and dissolve the chalazion and remove the tendency of recurrence from the patient. Thuja, calc flour, staphysagria, conium, silicea are well indicated homoeopathic remedies. But an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a thorough case taking and case understanding.

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