Care for Liver, Care for Life

Care for Liver, Care for Life
Liver is very important organ of human body. It performs very essential functions related to different systems of the body.

By production of the bile it helps in digestion

It is responsible for metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, lipids into biologically useful form.

It detoxifies various harmful toxins and substances.

It is the store room of glucose, various vitamins and minerals.

It produces some vital protein component of blood plasma.

Thus, the care of the liver is very much mandatory.

Following are some advises to keep your Liver healthy.

  • Don’t drink a lot of alcohol
  • Eat a healthy diet. Cut down fatty foods. Eat more fibers
  • Drink plenty of lemon water
  • Get regular exercise
  • Keep your weight under control to avoid fatty liver disease
  • Prevent hepatitis. Hepatitis A is foodborne so avoid unhealthy food. Hepatitis B & C are blood borne so avoid sharing razors, needles; avoid multiple sexual relationships without protection
  • Some traditional allopathic medicines containing heavy metals can also harm the liver. Avoid overuse of it

Homeopathic medicines like Chelidonium, cardus marianus, carica papaya, chionanthus, hydrastis, china, kalmegh, lycopodium are very much effective and treat harmlessly various kind of liver diseases.

Take healthy diet, do regular exercise, take homeopathy and keep your Liver healthy.