Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a group of diseases characterized by abnormal growths that start in the lungs.

Cancer occurs when the normal cells undergo a transformation which cause them to grow abnormally and multiply again and again without any sort of control and this potentially spread to other parts of the body.

Two main types of Ca lung are characterized by the cell size and cell type of the tumor. They are called small cell lung cancer(SCLC) and non small cell lung cancer(NSCLC). Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine which can be used for treating the patients of cancer. Homoeopathic medicine is administered after a complete case taking and case analysis. A miasmatic tendency and susceptibility of a patient are also taken into account for the treatment.


Cigarette smoking is the most responsible cause of lung cancer. Smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, exposure to radon gas, exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens, history of tuberculosis, COPD, a family history of lung cancer are the risk factors which may increase the risk of lung cancer.

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“Sign and Symptoms of Lung cancer”

Lung cancer doesn’t cause sign and symptoms in earlier stages. Signs and symptoms occur when the disease is advanced.

A new cough in a smoker

A cough that doesn’t go away or it gets worse over the time

Shortness of breath

Hoarseness or wheezing

Repeated respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia


Chest pain

Unexplained Weight loss

Bone pain

Hemoptysis( blood in sputum)



“Homeopathic Treatment”

Calc flour, silicea, carcinocin, hydrastis, lapis albus, hekla lava, phosphorus, arsenic alb, mercurius., are well indicated homoeopathic remedies for trhe treatment of Ca lung.

But an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a complete case taking and case understanding on the basis of characteristic individuality and constitution.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads
  • Patient should include the food rich in vitamin c in his diet
  • Packed and processed foods having a good amount of artificial flavoring agents, artificial sweeteners, preservatives should be strictly avoided
  • Include fresh and green vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds in regular diet
  • Patient should stop consuming refined products. E.g refined flour and its products, refined sugar
Patient's Experience

My grandmother is taking treatment from Dr. Parth Mankad for cancer of lungs and bones. She is improving a lot in all her complaints. Dr also guides us for every situation and any queries of us. Especially nausea, vomiting and stomach upset have reduced upto 70%. First she was unable to breathe deeply but after homeopathic treatment she feels great relief

N Bhinde


My father had diagnosed with prostatic cancer. We consulted at Dr Mankads’ homeoclinic for homeopathic treatment. He became very weak and appetite was also nil after starting of chemotherapy. There were many issues also. After homeopathic treatment her overall energy and health remains up to date. There is no stomach upset, weakness anymore.

G Ganatra


We are a regular patient of Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic. I accidently found breast lump and it was diagnosed as cancer. I had to start chemotherapy sessions. My first session was worst ever in my life. I started reiki treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad. Within 7 days of my next session, I felt much better then first. Every symptoms which I experienced during first session wer reduced upto 60 %. I am much hopeful now

S Satija


I took reiki treatment for my father who had to be hospitalized for multiple complications of chemotherapy for prostate cancer. He shifted to ICU with very less consciousness. He was totally uncontrollable with multiple tubes inserted. It was very bad to handle him by nursing staff as well. He hadnot slept for a while even though he was given higher doses of anti-anxieties. Within 25 mins distance treatment of Reiki by DR Greeva he totally calm down and sleeps. We were too surprised by such miraculous result and potential of reiki.

C Shah


I was just detected with cancer tongue. Before starting any treatment I consulted Dr. Parth Mankad for homeopathic treatment. Within 3 months ulcer got significantly controlled and there was no other symptoms. I did not need to take chemotherapy as well.

N Karia