Alzheimer’s Disease, Homeopathic Treatment-‘Don’t Forget’

Alzheimer’s Disease, Homeopathic Treatment-‘Don’t Forget’
Alzheimer’s’ disease is a disease of old age where the death of the brain cells takes place which causes memory loss.

It is most common cause of the Senile Dementia which means memory loss in old age generally it occurs after 65 years.

It is a chronic process which develop very slowly and gradually.

It affects on memory and the ability of thinking and gradually it prevents the patient to do their daily life tasks.


The exact cause of Alzheimer’s’ disease is not known but the people who have positive family history are more prone to get the same.

Sign/ Symptoms :

  • Memory lapses
  • Cannot recall the recent event and engagements
  • Cannot recall the right word in the conversation
  • Forgets his daily routine work. Gradually he start to get lost in the known places
  • Cannot identify the family members even
  • Repeat the sentences again and again
  • Progressively problems occurs in the conversation and thinking and reasoning
  • Problems in orientation, he cannot make out the distance between the things
  • In advance stage mood changes takes place. Person becomes compulsive and obsessive and his behavior becomes socially unacceptable


  • Regular exercise
  • Avoidance of stress
  • Avoidance of fatty food
  • Regular Meditation
  • Use of fresh fruits & Vegetables in diet

The person who are already suffers should give them sufficient social support and psychotherapy along with pharmaceutical treatment


Homoeopathy plays a major role in slowing down the progress of disease and give ease in symptoms so that person can lead his life comparatively normally and healthily.

Homeopathic medicines like MEDORRHINUM, LAC CAN, BARYTA CARB, ALUMINA, KALI BROM, KALI PHOS MERCURIUS, ANACARDIUM etc. may help a lot to the patient without any side effects.