Allergic Rhinitis

It is inflammatory condition with a group of symptoms affecting the nose. Which is also known as hay fever.

Homoeopathic medicine after a detailed case study can wonderfully treat the case of allergic In common language it is simple cold -or upper respiratory infections which caused by any type of allergens in the atmosphere which irritates the nasal lining producing inflammation.

It is annoying and distracting as it interferes with the individual’s day to day activities. In allergic rhinitis a person’s immune system overreacts to an allergens in the atmosphere.

It can persistent throughout the year or can be seasonal (humid climate)


Genetic factors and environmental factors (e.g. pollen, dust, smoke, pollution, strong smells, wood dust, weather changes, exposure to certain animals)

Hereditary- allergies are known to run in family, Chemicals –cosmetic, Environmental factors, Occupational-people are frequently exposed to dust for example teachers constant exposure to chalk particles over a period of years can precipitate Allergic Rhinitis, Smoke and fumes, Climatic changes, Emotional stressors –anger, anxiety they directly have effect on activating our immune system directly –causing the immune system to overreact, If you are on any drugs like aspirin, Even worms inside our intestine can cause –inflammation of nasal membrane can cause allergic rhinitis

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“Sign and Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis”

Early morning sneezing loud violent may be 10-15 at a time on waking up

Stuffy nose

Thin watery discharge from the nose

Due constant rubbing the tip of the nose may turn red

Eyes can also be red conjunctivitis

Acute loss of smell

Nasal blockage can occur

No fever but generally you may feel weak and lethargic

“Homeopathic Treatment”

Arsenic alb, sabadilla, merc sol, natrum mur, allium cepa, ammonium carb, kali bich,
pulsatilla, belladonna are most indicated remedies. But,a thoroughly taken case and well prescribed homoeopathic
medicine cures the patient of allergic rhinitis.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Allergic rhinitis is effectively cured by Homeopathic mode of treatment. Conventional mode of treatment has no role of curing it. Generally patients rush to have instant symptomatic relief with nasal drops and other conventional medicines.

In homoeopathy we treat the underlying disposition of the patients to these allergens thus stimulating the bodies own immune system to fight against the allergens. Increasing body’s own tolerance power.

Generally you will have a better quality of life –as during the attacks there will be no drowsiness ,no bodyache ,even the intensity of the sneezing of the symptoms will increase .You will be able to concentrate better on work

In course of treatment the attacks of allergic rhinitis will get reduced in terms of intensity and frequency and then after sometimes as the immune system gets stronger even after the exposure to the allergens you will have to symptoms, thus rendering cure.


Warm soups and stews should be included in regular diet. Kiwifruits and other citrus fruits like oranges reduce irritation and histamine reactions. Organic honey and cinnamon are grandma’s remedies for allergic rhinitis.

Patient's Experience

I had been suffering from allergic rhinitis since my teenage. I used to take otrivin nasal drops almost 3 to 4 times in a day. I found symptomatic relief with allopathic treatment, but not satisfied. I started taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad. Within 15 days my sneezing spells started reducing upto 80%. I completed whole course of treatment. Now no more nasal drops and no more allergy.

H Anjaria


I was badly having allergic rhinitis. This condition was able to disturb my morning routines upto greater extent. I could not concentrate on my studies. I started treatment from Dr parth at Dr mankads’ Homeoclinic. Slowly my spells of allergic rhinitis started coming under control. And AFTER 4 months they are no more. Sometimes I sneezes but not as earlier.

R Saini


I could not able to sit against air conditioning. Whenever A .C is on, I start sneezing which is unstoppable almost for 20 to 25 times. I was tired out of allergy. I consulted Dr. Parth Mankad for permanent cure of it. I am very glad that homeopathic treatment has given me the desired relief in just 4 months.

U Devrajan


I was preparing for my final C A exam. and at that time my allergic rhinitis got worse. I was running fever also. I consulted Dr. Greeva Mankad in emergency. She gave me that little homeopathic pills. My fever went down just within a day. I was alright in my acute spell within 3 day. I am still taking treatment from her and overall in my allergic rhinitis I am improving greatly

B Verma