Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder of neurodevelopmental type that makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control the impulsive behavior.

Person with ADHD is constantly active and restless. Although the symptoms of ADHD begin in childhood, ADHD can continue through adolescence and adulthood.Problems with inattention, disorganization, and poor impulse control often continue through the teen years and into adulthood.Homeopathic medicines can provide an excellent treatment in case of ADHD.

Homoeopathic medicines are administered to the patient after a complete case taking and case understanding, on the basis of characteristic individualistic symptoms and constitution.This holistic approach of treatment is very efficient and thoroughly harmless. Homoeopathic medicines aim to improve the child’s overall attention and behavior.


The probable factors responsible for ADHD are as follows:

Genes, Low birth weight, Brain injuries, Exposure to environmental toxins such as high levels of lead, at a very young age

Maternal factor
Use of certain drugs, smoking, alcoholism during pregnancy
exposure to environmental toxins during pregnancy

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“Sign and Symptoms of ADHD”

Inattention and hyperactivity or impulsive behavior are the key features of ADHD.

Some people with ADHD have only problems with behavior. While others may have both inattention and impulsivity. Hyperactivity is the most marked feature.


People with symptoms of interactions may often have following features as shown below:

  • Have problems in keeping attention in tasks or play, including conversations, lectures and reading.
  • Overlooking or missing the details, making mistakes in schoolwork, or during other extracurricular activities.
  • Poor in organizing the tasks and activities, such as what to do in sequence, failing to meet the deadlines.
  • Be easily disturbed and distracted by irrelevant and unnecessary thoughts and stimuli
  • Poor memory which causes problems while performing daily activities and chores.


People with symptoms of hyperactivity may have following features as shown below:

  • Be constantly in motion
  • Talks too much
  • Interrupts or intrudes in any conversation, activities.
  • Speaking without waiting for a turn in conversation
  • Be unable to perform the daily activities quietly
  • Restless all the times.
  • Repeating the things multiple times
  • Damages the articles surrounding him when in joy or in anger.
“Homeopathic Treatment”

Individualistic approach is the key in homoeopathic treatment. Every child is treated as unique and individual one. Baryta carb, silicea, chamomilla, veratrum album, tarentula, tuberculinum, cina, stramonium are well indicated homoeopathic remedies to treat the cases of ADHD. But, an appropriate homoeopathic remedy should be administered to the patient after a detailed and thorough case taking with individualistic approach.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Homeopathy is not just for physical problems – it also treats mental-emotional imbalances.

In psychiatry there aren’t any medicines designed to be curative, rather these relieve symptoms. Homeopathy can treat all kinds of disorders from anxiety and phobias to depression and schizophrenia. In mental hospitals, homoeopathy can treat patients with severe mental disorders, contributing considerably to the therapeutic outcome of conventional psychiatric treatment.

Homeopathic treatment also look upon person’s constitution, tendencies and origin of that particular disease apart from taking symptomatology of the patient suffering from any disease. So basically homeopathic medicines tend to affect process of disease. Medicines selected after careful understanding of patient can be able to manage acute spell of the disease also. Patient can leave better life if he has opted homeopathy treatment, as medicines are totally harmless.

Apart from homeopathy, Patients can have many other options for treatment and management of their psychiatric disease like Reiki, Music therapy and counselling about wellness. Our patients and their relatives feel less hassles and more confidence over dealing such unwanted conditions

  • Include fresh green vegetables and fruits in diet.
  • Avoid eating junk, over processed, packed food heavy in chemicals.
  • Add nuts, seeds, berries in your salad, curries, stews, porridge.
  • Avoid preservatives, artificial flavoring agents and concentrated syrups.
Patient's Experience

I was suffering from depression since my husband died. I had to raise my two kids alone without anybody’s support. That was a big deal for me. I consulted at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic for coming out of the depression. I took treatment for 10 months and I am much better in my disease.

J Shah


I was having habit of eating much and very frequently. I was in a shock also. Doctor told me it was a depressive bulimia where person eats far beyond his capacity. I could not control that urge. My father took me to Dr. Parth Mankad for homeopathic treatment. Within 3 months my all the symptoms got 60 better. I am still taking his treatment.

M Singh


I was having many health issues and so I preferred to go for homeopathic treatment. I consulted Dr. Parth Mankad for that. Specifically I could not go into the tunnels, lifts or aeroplanes. Even I was unable to go to USA to meet my daughter just because of extreme fear of travelling via plane. I took homeopathic treatment from him for 5 months and I am nicely improved in my fears. Last month I successful went to USA without fear,that became a big achievement for me.

B Mankodi


Before 2 years I consulted Dr Greeva Manakad for my complaints. I was having great fears of going outside the home. Even I could not go to my father’s shop due to tremendous fears. I took homeopathic treatment for a year so, and I changed completely. Now I am leaving too far from my home and studying there without anyone with me. My personality has changed that I can deliver presentations and speeches fearlessly. I am greatly thankful to Dr Greeva & her treatment

A Mandaliya


My wife started having some different kind of symptoms like washing hands too frequently before starting anything. Many such symptoms were also there. We decided to opt for homeopathic treatment at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic. Doctor told its an OCD. Within 4 months of time frequency of doing things started reducing nicely. We are very hopeful about her recovery

H Prajapati


My daughter had depression which started after she went to a boarding school. She could not bear the separation from us. Firstly she did not tell anything to us, letter on we came to know. I have started her homeopathic treatment from Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic. Within 6 months of duration she recovered completely from her bad phase of life and now she enjoys being there.

K Bhootani