Acne also known as pimples, is a long term skin condition which occurs when the hair follicles are clogged with excess sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

It primarily affects those areas of skin with a relatively high number of oil glands. Eg. Face, back, chest.

Homoeopathic medicines work miraculously in case of acne because the harmless homoeopathic medicines are administered to the patient after a detailed and complete case taking on the basis of constitution and individuality.


Hormonal changes : Acne vulgaris generally develop during the onset of puberty because of the fluctuation of hormonal level.The glands of skin secrete large amount of sebum which causes oily skin and that leads to acne.

Puberty is not the only time when acne appears. But there are several stages both in male and female when hormonal levels get fluctuated and cause acne.

Hereditary factors are also responsible. Because hereditary components have been linked with the presence of the acne on skin.

Stress triggers or exacerbates the breakouts of acne. When the person is stressed, body releases cortisol and androgens. This fluctuation in hormonal level affects the acne.

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“Homeopathic Treatment”

There are wonderful medicines for acne in homeopathy. Like Hepar sulph, Psorinum, Berberis aquifoloium, kali bromatum, Calcarea Sulph, Antimony crudum, Sulphur, natrum Mur and many more.

An Expert Opinion by Dr.Mankads

Homeopathy has an absolute scope over treatment of acne. Homeopathic medicines will eradicated acne completely, prevent the further occurrence and enhance the natural glpw of skin. The greatest thing about homeopathic medicines is that it works internally in a very gentle, safer and effective way.

Patient's Experience

I was having pimples on my face so much that my whole face used to be covered with small eruptions. I tried many things, had chat with friends about what to do. I hardly attend social gatherings and other functions as my face looked ugly. When I started treatment from Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic, my complaints improved within 3 months of treatment. My face got cleared completely just within 5 months

S Jha


My face got pimply every time when I have periods. I have much itching on the skin as well. This became a recurrent problem for me. Doctor suggested hormonal intervention. But I opted homeopathic treatment from Dr Mankads’ homeopathy and I succeeded. Apart form pimples, my menstrual irregularities have also balanced with Homeopathic medicines

N Raval


I m studying in 11th standard. I am having problem of pustular acne. I am having pain also sometimes on the site of pimples. I got reference of Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic online by seeing reviews. I started treatment from there and I am greatly satisfied with result. My face started clearing and without pus formation. I am still continued my treatment

K Dixit


I took video consultation for my acne as I was unavailable at Ahmedabad. I took treatment for around 6 months from Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic and within that span I improved completely. Itching and pus formation used to be there. I observed great change in my stress levels also.

G Lalitha