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Dr.Parth Mankad has written a Book in Gujarati named  “સ્વાસ્થ્યનોમીઠોસ્વાદ- હોમીઓપથી” . The Inauguration of the book happened by a Famous Gujarati authors Shri Jay Vasavada & Shri Tushar Shukla. 

Book opening by Shri Jay Vasavada & Tushar Shukla

Book opening by Shri Jay Vasavada & Tushar Shukla

Click to listen a speech by Dr.Parth Mankad on the occasion of Book Ingauration.

In this book Dr.Parth has explained about various concepts of homeopathy in a very simple & lucid use of  Gujarati language. Along with the explanation of basics of Homeopathy , It is the only book of its kind which along with Homeopathy also explains the true & holistic concepts of Health & Disease. In this book through various case examples of cases it is being explained that what is the meaning of Health.

Because of of a wonderful response of readers this book’s 3rd Edition has already been published.

Soon, The book will be translated & published in English.  

To get this book …You just have to send Rs. 150/- INR + postage expense .

For Further details write to us at info@homeoeclinic.com

Book by Dr.parth


Patient’s Experience

My irregular periods was because of PCOS. I struggled a lot with different medicines but nothing helped & my cycle was absolutely medicine dependent since last 6 years. I started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Greeva Mankad at Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclnic . I really get rid of my irregularity just within 4 months of treatment. I ... "Homeopathy is best solution for my gynec issues."
I was suffering from sinusitis since 20 years. I had few other allergic and gastric issues also. I started the treatment 3 months back at Drs.Mankads’ Homeoclinic. With the help of homeopathic medicines given by Dr.Parth Mankad not only my sinusitis but all my other symptoms started disappearing Before i had to take pain-killer 5 ... "Sinusitis treated with homeopathy"
I have started taking homeopathic medicines for my chronic allergic rhinitis with IgE levels 230 IU/L  within a span of 3 months of homeopathic treatment my IgE levels get down to 156 IU/L . When i had consulted dr.parth Mankad i had severe manifestation of symptoms like  difficulty in breathing, constant coryza, and many more. I  am ... "Allergic Rhinitis treated with homeopathy"
I started the treatment 5 months back at Dr.Mankads’ Homeoclinic ahmedabad for allergic eczema. I had it behind both my ears & feet. With the homeopathic medicines given by homeopath Dr.Parth Mankad,eczema started disappearing. Although I have stopped treatment since 6 months as I have no complaint, I will strongly recommend Dr.Mankads’ Homeoclinic for homeopathic ... "Allergic eczema cured with homeopathy"
We are receiving  homeopathic treatment at dr.mankads’ homeoclinic for any kind of complaints whether acute or chronic and we are getting excellent results in all our complaints.All our family members considering from new born to aged all are receiving homeopathic medicines from there .We are fully satisfied with the homeopathic treatment provided by Dr.Parth Mankad. ... "Homeopathy always worked for us"
treatment with full satisfaction. we both got very good results after treatment.overall very nice experience. Mrs. N. A. Bhatt Mr. A.Bhatt
My gout has been treated successfully with homoeopathic medicines prescribed by dr.parth mankad at dr mankads’ homoeoclinic. From the very 1st dose my uric acid levels went down form 7.8 to 6.2. I am thankful to homoeopathic treatment it worked so wonderfully that all the other allopathic medicines i was taking has completely stopped. Mr.Sinha ... "My gout treated with homoeopathic medicines."
I was suffering from allergy named allergic rhinitis & borinchitis since qite a few years . I had started consulting Dr. Mankad this month on wards, with a bias that homeopathy may work slow in such chronic conditions but with my surprise, I have started improving within a week only & was quite better after ... "Allergy treated within a Month from Dr.Mankads Homeopathy"
I was suffering from gout since last 15 years. Mani-er times it was very much difficult for me to walk even and in my job I have to stand up for at least 5 hours. so the whole situation was very much difficult for me. But now I can be stand up in my job ... "Relieved in Gout"
I was suffering from vertigo from last several years. I was unable to sleep whole night and only can sleep in sitting position. After taking the Homeopathic treatment from Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic my vertigo has been totally gone within a short period of time. -Mrs Antani, Ahmedabad
Every time in navaratri because of the dust allergy I used to get asthmatic attacks so that i was unable to play garba. But after taking Homoeopathic treatment from Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic I relieved in my complaints in greater extent. A. Sharma
After taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic I improved a lot in arthritis. I had a fear for going through knee transplantation but I feel great relief in my knee pain within 4 months from homeopathic medicines. I can walk very confidently now. – J. Vora
I had to take injections of steroidal drugs for my eyes complaints , Now I am almost injection free. My eye complaints improved drastically with Dr.Mankads’ Homeopathy . Along with eye complaints issues with my sleep & digestive disturbances also improved. Mr. Vyas , Kutch
I came to India just for the treatment of my daughter’s ASD(Autistic Spectrum Disorder). With the gentle treatment at Dr. Mankads’ Homeoclinic by Dr.Parth Mankad , My kid improved a lot from her Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have never imagined that homeopathy can help this much in such cases. Satisfied with the improvement happened just ... "Improvement in ASD(Autistic Spectrum Disorder)"
I had long standing complaint of hypothyroidism and was on allopathic treatment since 4 years, but without significant result. it was not getting under significant control. We consulted Dr Parth Mankad for homeopathic treatment. Since 8 months i am taking treatment and i have improved a lot. And its started remaining under control within 4 ... "Hypothyroidism treatment Homeopathy"
My daughter was suffering from ITP( idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura) since 3 years, whose cause remains unknown. Best hematologist doctors were consulted and given all shorts of possile treatment without result. Then I consulted Dr Greeva Mankad in ahmedabad for homeopathic treatment. within 6 months her platelets counts reached to 50000 which was just 3000 earlier. ... "ITP treatment homeopathic"
I had a long suffering of tinnitus since 6 years. m taking homeopathic treatment at Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic since 4 months and i got 80% relief in my problem. Ringing and whistling sounds were so intense prior that i could not concentrate on my work and it was a major stress factor to me. Now ... "tinnitus homeopathy treatment"
I am visiting Dr Greeva Mankad for last 5 months for PCOD as i was facing serious problem of no menstruation for almost 7 months. which was resulting anxiety and depression in me. I had been to allopathic medicines for almost last 8 years for same complaint but nothing changed.After having homeopathic treatment for almost ... "My PCOD treated with homeopathy"
“I improved a lot in my diabetic neuropathy. I am having diabetes since 5 years and started to develop changes of neuropathy in my both the legs. I felt great numbness in my legs. It got increased and I was not able to walk. Also my blood sugar level was not keeping under control. But, ... "diabetic neuropathy"
Ranjanben rathod, Ahmedabad, India
“I feel great improvement in my long standing asthma. I was suffering from chronic allergic asthma since my childhood. I am taking homeopathic treatment since last 5 years from dr parth. I used to suffer a lot with breathing difficulties even to a state of status asthmaticus at every seasonal change. My general energy level ... "Asthma bronchitis improved with homeopathy"
H.Shukla, Gandhinagar, India
“Confidence and performance anxiety both can be recovered with Homeopathy. It was unexpected but happened with me. I regained my confidence up to 90% and my general energy level has also risen up with homeopathic treatment by Dr Parth Mankad. My problem of lower backache and leg aches is almost gone now. I am very ... "Confidence can be recovered"
A famous celebrity of Gujarat, India
“I found more than 50% improvement in my vision with the help of homeopathic medication by Dr Parth. I am suffering from chronic uveitis since last 5 years. I had almost 85% vision gone in my left eye and remaining vision became hazy afterwards. I consulted a renoun ophthalmologist at Ahmedabad and he told he ... "Uveitis treatment homeopathy"
Vibha jha , Ahmedabad, India
“I got almost 80% relief in my recurrent cold and cough, with the help of dr parth`s treatment. I suffered a lot with 25-30 sneezing, watering eyes and coryza in the morning just after waking up since almost 8 years and which bothered me in my routine work also. I got much relief in my ... "testi 13"
Mr. J. T , Ahmedabad, India
“My allergy complaint since last 17 years got totally cured only after 7 months of Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Parth without any side effects , It was a real miracle for me because I was totally exhausted with different kind of treatments since long. Along with that “White spots all over my body started reducing ... "testi 12"
Mrs. P.Jadeja, Dhangadhra, India
“I have totally recovered from my migraine & depression within 4 months of treatment. I had severe anxiety & stage phobia, my mind used to filled with Negative thoughts & unknown fears, I was unable to deliver even a single lecture on a stage & by occupation I am teacher. For me it became real ... "testi 11"
Ms. N.patel, Patan, India
“I was diagnosed as hypertensive at the age of32. I used to have my pressures 170/90 mm of Hg. My family physician told me to continue medicines for life time now later I started treatment from Dr. Parth’s Homeopathic Clinic & gradually I start feeling good in my attitude to deal with the stresses of ... "testi 10"
Mr. R. Joshi, Ahmedabad, India
“I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) & was depressed since the death of my grandfather & one cousin brother. I had many gastric complaints along with depression. I was having no interest in life & development but after treatment in Dr. Parth’s clinic I received a new life. I feel energetic. My IBS is no ... "IBS treated with homeopathy"
Mr. J Patel, Ahmedabad, India
“I got very nice result in my psoriasis, from Dr. Parth ‘s Homeopathic treatment, my patches have started reducing & itching is no more , my wishes with Dr. Parth for his great success.”
“Within first month, I feel m complaints have reduced by 90%,& after 5 months of treatment. I had Irregular periods, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhoea, Weakness, Vertigo, Vomiting & ulcers in mouth as premenstrual symptoms, Sleeplessness for many nights but now after the treatment from Dr. Parth my period pains have gone, leucorrhoea is no more , I ... "testi 7"
Mrs. H. Bhatt, Ahmedabad, India
I found very nice improvement in my epilepsy problem. I was suffering from epilepsy since 14 years i am under treatment of Dr Parth since 8 months. And since last 6 months I did not get any epileptic episode, which I used to get almost 2-3 times a month. Apart from that my other complaints ... "testi 6"
Ms.Neha Soni
My High blood pressure & cholesterol both remained under control. I was also treated well in piles.
Mr. Vora , Gandhinagar
I had Gastric complaint since last 13 years, but as treated at Dr.Mankads` Homeo clinic.I used to have repeated acidity and pain in the stomach.I was diagnosed with gastritis in sono graphy report.    I am now off to all my daily complaints. Dr.Parth understands the compliant with real minuteness but prescribes with precision & ... "acidity gastritis homeopathy treatment"
Mr. Patel R, Chicago
I was suffering from recurrent problems of sinusitis & Headaches. Along with that I also had one commonly found sexual problem. Consulting Dr.Parth at Dr.Mankads Homeoclinic helped me really wonderfully. I found Homeopathy useful in these complaint. Drs. are really having good depth in their knowledge with their field.
Mr. Divakar
Since few days I was in touch of Dr.Parth Mankad Ahmedabad. through Whats app. I want his  expert advice,help for my Problem of Myasthenia Gravis+Thyroid. I put Inquiry on his site,within  15 min.I got call from him. I was relax as he talked to my wife,will send medicines Its GREAT in this speedy,selfish,professional World I ... "Myesthenia Gravis treated with Homeopathy"
Mr. R. Vachhrajani, Rajkot
I had few Gynecological Complaints, Consulted Dr.`s. at Dr. Mankads` Homeoclinic & really  found it Nice. Dr. Parth & Greeva Mankad are really taking an Honest interest in a case &  Prescribes with a good expertize. Above all instead of so called brand based High charges  they really charge economically & provide good treatment. Recommended ... "menstrual irregularities treated with homeopathy"
Mrs. Soni ,Ahmedabad

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